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this summer 2022, john grant jr. is leading and coaching a  program promising to be different. better.

The pendulum is swinging… and back to a more balanced, value minded, and skill/tactical-based approach to youth lacrosse. John Grant Jr., one of, if not the greatest players and coaches of all time, has dedicated his life and legacy to causing positive change, growth, and evolution in the sport of lacrosse.

The Evolve Lacrosse Journey

Field Lacrosse:  Traditions, Skills, Athleticism and Joy

Sixes Lacrosse:  Individual Skills and Tactics, Small Sided (lots of touches), Fast and Free

Box Lacrosse (Canadian):  Individual Skills, Ground Game, Stick Skills, Defense, Toughness

Leagues: Play in local and national leagues (Field, Sixes, Box)

National and International Teams: Play on National and International Teams, unique travel and event opportunities

Tournaments:  Fun, Competition, Family

Camps: Guest Coaches (Pros), New Skills and Experiences, Fun

Showcases: Acceptance into the Country's most exclusive competitions

Canadian-US Exchange:  Opportunities to play lacrosse in Canada and/or host our Canadian friends here in the US (the ONLY club in the US that provides this opportunity)

Mental and Physical Health First: No burn out, play happy, grow with the game

Evolve Program Highlights

Read Full Breakdowns of Programs K-9th Grade
  • Best in class coaching (minimum 3 coaches per field (~1:7 ratio))
  • Priority placed on individual skills and tactics
  • Spring field teams in HoCo Club League (3rd-8th grades)
  • Summer/Fall 6's training and games (World Games and Olympic Format)
    -Jr. is Head Coach of Team Canada 6's National Team
  • Fall/Winter Canadian Box Lacrosse training and league
    -Invitations to attend the All World Box Academy in Florida and Buffalo with NLL coaches and players
  • Pop-up Pro Camps with Pro Players (Tom Schreiber and Grant Ament among others)
  • (3) 6's and Box Camps (August, October, November)
  • Canadian exchange opportunities to play in Canada
  • Elite Tournament entry
  • Elite Showcase invitations
  • College recruiting and family support from start to finish
  • High School Support
  • 10 Program Levels from K to National Team/Olympic