Epoch Events



Epoch Events are curated experiences run by the top lacrosse minds in the world. Our focus is delivering unparalleled experiences in front of the top recruiting college coaches.



Tom Schreiber

President of Operations


John Grant Jr.

Director of Lacrosse

After the summer circuit, colleges need to know WHO REALLY WANTS TO PLAY. 208 players are evaluated, then drafted into 8 teams. It's the "Fourth Quarter". Only players that are mentally and physically ready will shine.

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The Juniors Open is held for Boys and Girls players from the 2024 and 2025 recruiting classes. Interested players must apply and then be evaluated before receiving an official invitation. This event is run by the best High School and Club lacrosse coaches in the country and is attended by every D-I lacrosse program. Photography, video and social media coverage of players included in the event. The cost for the event is TBD and the location for the Girls is Iron Peak Sports and Events, Hillsborough Township, NJ. The Boys location is at Stony Brook University. Click here to visit the website.

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The Prairie Shootout, presented by Lacrosse Playground, is held for Boys and Girls teams ages 8U through HSAA. Team Directors must RSVP their teams to receive a registration link for the event. This event is over two days and will fill up quickly. The event takes place in Maple Grove, MN. Click here to visit the website or click here to RSVP your teams. 

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