About Evolve Baltimore


"Status Quo is Unacceptable"

The Evolve brand is synonymous with excellence, teaching, and an approach that reflects developing players to achieve their greatest potential. To maintain their standard and to "evolve" with the sport, Evolve will deliver on a curriculum and club like none other. With intentionally small rosters, free goalie play, elite training, and specific attention to individual skills, Evolve is very clear upfront about what it does and how it does it. If we do not create value, we dont do it.

Please Note: Evolve Elite made a proactive and conscious decision to foster and promote agnostic relationships with all area schools, coaches, players, and families. Accordingly, now and in the future, we will endeavor to train at a multiple school locations and work with staff and families from various schools. Evolve believes that this approach best serves the sport of lacrosse and it can be a catalyst for positive and agnostic change.

Coaching and Curriculum

Lacrosse Curriculums Have Not Evolved with The Sport - Until Now

There is no substitute for great coaching and Evolve has a Canadian led staff including professional players and coaches. Experience is king and youth coaches cannot learn on the fly. Junior will lead all of Evolve team's and their respective coaches. He will be supported by coaches only he approves and those that will reflect his legacy as the sports greatest.

There are three basic levels of development:

  1. Fundamentals
  2. Individual Skills and Player Tactics
  3. Team Skills and Team Tactics

Clubs often skip the-most-important step in teaching the game.  High school coaches often spend weeks re-training their players out of bad habits.  Colleges often have to spend years teaching what should have already been taught in:  Individual Player Skills and Tactics.

Most programs promote fundamentals. However, in an effort to appease, most programs skip the second level and straight to number 3. The result? Teams that pigeon-hole players, rely on plays and team concepts, and rely on the physically gifted few, at a far too early age, to appear like a sound lacrosse program.

The Evolve Curriculum:

Field, Sixes, Box, Training Camps, Leagues, Tournaments, National/International Teams, Canadian-US Player Exchange (opportunities for both Americans and Canadians), Showcase Support, and a mental-health-centric prioritization and approach that allows for players to rest, relax, and enjoy.

The Evolve Program is designed to allow players to participate, train, and compete as their bodies, minds, and schedules allow.  We all love lacrosse and we must also love the journey.

(Junior does not support the status quo of the Tuesday-Thursday monotony, fake fall and winter sessions, or the spring-time, gradual burn out into a repetitive summer grind.)

Evolve Philosophy

EVOLVE 2022 Pyramid