Watch Real-Time Video of Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association National Championships

Auburn Hills, MI – THE RUSH (, a company that captures real-time highlights and sends them to smartphones and, will set out for Greenville, SC next week to cover the 2012 Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association (MCLA) National Championships beginning May 14 through May 19.

The MCLA is comprised of two divisions and over 200 teams across the nation. The top 16 teams from each Division I and II will play in a single elimination tournament for a chance to win their respective titles, where the game action fans can expect to see will be nothing short of impressive. “These are the 16 best in each division in the country. That level of competition is very, very high”, said Tony Scazzero, MCLA President.

Games will take place at Sirrine Stadium and Wenwood Soccer Complex, both located in downtown Greenville. If you can’t get to the action in Greenville, THE RUSH provides a service that allows parents, friends, family, coaches, athletes and fans everywhere to receive instant video highlight alerts on their smartphones. The service is free and fans can choose individually which players they would like to receive alerts from.

“I'm excited to increase MCLA’s coverage and give them the ability to relive all the epic moments in the field, anytime they want,” said Robby Kerch, Director of Business Development and Marketing for THE RUSH. The real-time highlights can easily be shared online through email and social media. Post-game, athletes and fans can visit THE RUSH website to view all content, create customized highlight reels and purchase full game videos from the tournament.

This year marks the first MCLA National Championship since their partnership with THE RUSH, earlier this season. “There are teams all over the United States looking to promote their programs,” said Scazzero. “I really am trying to create opportunity for programs to go out and to say ‘I want this type of coverage for my team next year’.”

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About The RUSH
THE RUSH ( is a digital media company that enables organizations to capture highlights from live video feed of athletic and performance events in real-time and deliver them to smartphones and This is accomplished with THE RUSH scoring software, available free to any program interested in viewing and sharing their content with fans, athletes, coaches, friends, family, everyone.

About Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association
The Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association (MCLA) is a national organization of non-varsity college lacrosse programs with over 200 teams in two divisions. The purpose of the MCLA is to grow the men’s college game by providing a quality collegiate lacrosse experience to its members. The MCLA’s 10 affiliated conferences consist of teams in 44 states and one Canadian Province, and represent the fastest growing segment of collegiate men’s lacrosse. The MCLA provides a governing structure much like the NCAA, consisting of eligibility rules, regulation of competition, inter-conference play, All American teams, Scholastic Achievement recognition and a national tournament in both Division I and Division II. On an individual scale, the MCLA’s rules and structure promote “virtual varsity” lacrosse. On a national scale, the MCLA’s infrastructure supports a level playing field through eligibility rules and enforcement, and the use of BCAA rules of play.
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