Virginia Lacrosse All-Time Highlights

Virginia Lacrosse All-Time Highlights

Apr 4, 2009; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Virginia Cavaliers attacker Danny Glading (9) drives to the goal against North Carolina Tar Heels defenseman Andrew Pyke (21) at the Big City Classic in Giants Stadium. Virginia Cavaliers won 11-10. Mandatory Credit: Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Best University of Virginia Lacrosse players ever, according to the LPG office, include: Jay Jalbert, Doug Knight, Matt Ward, Mike Watson, Chris Sanderson, Conor Gill, Tommy Smith, Ryan Curtis, Jack deVilliers, Jason Hard, David Jenkins, Drew McKnight, Hanley Holcomb, Tillman Johnson, A.J. Shannon, Trey Whitty, John Christmas, Woody Moore, Danny Glading, Billy Glading, and Mark Koontz.

Off topic: If I were naming my all-time favorite Johns Hopkins player, then it would have to be AJ Haugen.

BTB City! Did the Gaits influence the team?

Statistically speaking, some of these players aren't the best in UVA Lacrosse history, but they've had an effect on us over the years. Remember, our vision of the perfect UVA player is skewed because we were unable to watch players prior to the mid-90s. If you're trolling, then yea, we left off A LOT of notables like Rubeor, Rotelli, Stanwick, Stanwick, Stanwick, Stanwick (we know), and so forth. No hard feelings.

Further, it was far harder to become an All-American in the 90s. Then, middies who scored at or around 20 goals were viewed as the cream of the crop. Today, that's not the case. Lacrosse has changed - more games, better technology, playing conditions (fields and venues), and etc. Scoring is more prevalent today. Enter Devil's Advocate: players were allowed to dive back in the day, but is that your only case?

Here's the ACC's 50th Anniversary Men's Lacrosse team. And, here's UVA's 2013 season preview. Who did we forget to mention? Who's your favorite?

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