Video: Defender Mouthguard Explained

Defender Mouthguard protects against possible causes of concussions during an athletic event as explained by Defender employees Oct. 20, 2010 in West Nyack.

Helmets aren't the only pieces of equipment that can play a role in the prevention of concussions. The owner of a new custom-fit mouthguard supplier in West Nyack, Defender Mouthguards, believes its thorough molding process and improved technology can help limit an athlete's susceptibility to concussions.

The ball joint that allows the mouth to open and close sits in the base of the skull and can fire into the temporal lobe on impact, causing a head injury.

"If a mouthguard has cushion, it keeps the lower jaw slightly open," Defender Mouthguards founder Joe Pipolo said. "It's no longer jammed inside the socket."

To custom-fit its products, a Defender technician pours a stone model of an athlete's teeth and laminates the mouthguard on top of the model multiple times.

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