The Top 10 Most Bizarre and Wacky Lacrosse Vids on the Web

Last August we assembled the Ten Best Yard Sales of All Time. This time we looked for the wackiest, most bizarre and oddest videos on the web. The criteria for determining the Top 10 include: lacrosse, amateur cinephotography, freakish titles, squirming, spazzing out, making us not want to play lacrosse, laughing out of shock and most importantly scaring us.

10. Lax Spazz
We have all known a guy like this at one point or another in our lives. The only ones who may appreciate his antics are on his own team, but if you are on the other side of it, it is more than bizarre. I bet that guy is still waiting for him in the parking lot.

9. Pee Wee Lax - Jacked Up
This game involves 8 yr olds. I wanna know who is coaching these rug rats cuz they actually look good. Check out the hit at the 4 second mark. Also, take a took at the guy who hands back his stick and then dips out to get back on D. Now, that's a team player...sorta. The only ones concerned are the coaches. The kids could care less.

8. Lacrosse KO hit
5 second mark, booya! The roaring from a dad in the stands reminds me of my childhood, watching Karate Kid. "Sweep the leg, Johnny!!!" The kid still hasn't moved.

7. Lax Knock-Out
More funny than the slow motion, more funny than the guy that duffs his D-guy, more funny than the guy squirming for his last breathes are the comments below the video on YouTube. You would think that people would feel sympathy for the guy on the other end of the cheap shot, but THEY DON'T!! And neither do I...

6. Goalie Don't Play Dat
Never mess with a goalie. Goalies are crazy!! They don't take crap and their teammates definitely don't either. The expletives from the parents in the stands are egregious, "Forfeit! C'MON FORFEIT!"

5. Lacrosse Death Check
Michigan vs MSU 2001. Holy cow, did I just say 2001?! This solely makes it on the list because it has the words "Death Check" in the title.

4. Girl Gets Drilled From Behind
Apparently this is for a class project. Nevertheless a chick gets nailed with a lax ball at the 20 second mark! Even though this is HILARIOUS we still do not condone nor encourage domestic violence. Am I seeing things or do her blisters transport to her face?!

3. Lacrosse Head Stomp
What's going on in Michigan? These guys don't settle for nothin. I got a feeling their coach took a page out of The Godfather. To site from the notorious scene from the 1972 classic, The Godfather, after which Don Corleone's loyal lieutenant, Peter Clemenza, says, to Rocco, who has killed Paulie in the car: "Leave the gun. Take the cannoli."

2. Lacrosse Head Flies Off and Knocks Over Opponent
This certainly doesn't happen everyday. During a timeout contest, the two contestants spin ten times and then shoot at the goal. One contestant's (the kid with shorts pulled above his belly button) lacrosse head comes flying off and snipes his opponent. The 54 second mark shows just how efficient the sniper is. Well, either that or Final Destination is for real!

1. Lacrosse Player Gone Mad
Kids, this is an opportune time to remind you to not play lax on drugs. The description says it all. "This lacrosse player has gone mad and seeks to kill the moles that he believes killed his family." What The......
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