The Navy SEALs Want Lacrosse Athletes and Then Some

The Navy SEALs Want Lacrosse Athletes and Then Some

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The United States Navy's Sea, Air, and Land Teams are comprised of athletes who are a part of the special operations force, Naval Special Warfare Command, and SOCOM. In other words, they are badass mofos who can squash your head with their pinky. Yet, it seems like they have a shortage of recruits, so they want more lacrosse players to inquire within. The following video features a number of SEALs who were college lacrosse players. Other videos feature wrestlers, swimmers, and even motocross athletes.

Lacrosse is a sport that has produced successful BUD/S candidates. The skill sets learned in lacrosse such as pain tolerance and mental toughness translate well over to Navy SEAL training.

Of course, the most widely known SEAL lacrosse players are the Looney brothers. All three are color blind, which is an anomaly because they are three of the very few to ever be admitted to the United States Naval Academy. Sadly, we lost Brendan Looney almost two years ago.


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