The Faceoff Academy Video Coach is FINALLY HERE

The Faceoff Academy Video Coach is FINALLY HERE

The Faceoff Academy Video Coach is FINALLY HERE

It’s hard to believe the Faceoff Academy is only 11 months old.  In that time we have prided ourselves on delivering the most advanced, comprehensive, and honorable coaching that the faceoff position has ever seen.  We have held over 50 FOA events, produced recruiting pipelines for our athletes, and have cultivated great relationships with some of the top high school and collegiate programs in the country.

After our 2013 season the three of us sat down and discussed what we believed was most important when it came to delivering the best coaching possible.  We realized that although we were visiting many cities and have had overwhelmingly positive feedback from players, parents, coaches and referees that in reality we could only teach so much in 3-hour stints at each event.

Enter the Faceoff Academy Video Coach.  We have produced a video that has nearly an hour worth of faceoff coaching information.  We have this broken down from a coach’s perspective in order to accomplish a multitude of things:

1)             For Coaches:  Give every coach at every level an opportunity to see how we break down our faceoff training.  How we teach our warm up, our move sets, to  even our wing play.  Breaking it down in whistle variations, etc.  Giving every coach the power and knowledge in order to teach the basic concepts to his/her players.

2)             For Athletes:  Now there is a video that teaches the PROPER form, PROPER technique, and PROPER way to faceoff.  We have provided the rules and basics for beginners, and the moves and skills sets for advanced players all in one video.

3)             For Parents:  One thing we have always tried to accomplish at our FOA events has been teaching EVERYONE who attends.  We don’t want just the players to understand our coaching but we also want the parents in attendance to understand the position that their athlete is playing as well.  This video breaks down the rules and the overall “do’s and don’ts” of the position so that parents can better understand what is going on at the X.

4)             Referees:  We understand that the game is exploding at a fast rate across the country and the faceoff position has evolved exponentially in the past few years.  This video describes the rules and even gives the example of a proper whistle cadence that can simplify the faceoff for officials.  This gives them much more power in what to watch when officiating the position.

5)             Faceoff Academy Events:  We believe if every Faceoff Athlete uses our Video Coach and understands the basic concepts prior to attending our events it will allow us more time to dive deep into the more advanced techniques and allow the athletes to get even more out of our coaching.  We think of this video as our “fourth coach”, giving players the power to increase their abilities ahead of time and maximizing the in-person training we provide when we work with them at our events.

We have partnered with “Vimeo” to make this Video Coach as accessible as possible for download and viewing on every platform.  This means that you can download and play our Video Coach whether you use a Mac, PC, Tablet, iPhone or Android phone.

The players, coaches and parents whom we have had the pleasure of working with, are on this email list and the Video Coach is available to you immediately for purchase following this link:

We want to give you a head start before we open this to the public in the coming days.  Please let us know your feedback.

We strived to provide the most straightforward and simplistic video possible in order to teach this position.  A lot of effort and thought went into creating it and we are confident it will help everyone in the sport who uses it.  ENJOY!

Faceoff Academy Video Coach

“Go Forward!”

Greg, Chris, Jerry
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