The Edmonton Crush Dance Team: Core Training Video

After two choreography sessions and a finals round at West Edmonton Mall, 14 dancers were selected for this year's Edmonton Crush Dance Team. The Edmonton Crush are a part of the Edmonton Rush Lacrosse Club in the National Lacrosse League (NLL). The team practices twice a week learning routines and preparing for the 2012 season. So obviously, they need to stay in shape. This dance team is one of the very best in the league and they wanted to prove it by making a Core Training Video for Lacrosse Playground. Hopefully, this won't be the last video you see from these ladies.

In this video Rae-Lee Prochnau, Danielle Girardin, and Danielle Baril demonstrate three exercises. Btdubs, these talented women, along with their entire team are active in their community. They do charity and promotional events year-round. Ahem, that means the entire year - not just during the NLL season. Very cool.

Videography Credit: Joelle Rebke

Edmonton Rush season tickets are now on sale. Follow the girls on Twitter and Facebook.

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