St. Mary's vs. Severn Alumni Lacrosse Challenge, Video

St. Mary's of Annapolis and The Severn School faced off on Black Friday for the second annual Alumni Challenge. This year, Severn played host to the Alumni game as the Saints looked to avenge last year's loss. Both teams raised money in their efforts. St. Mary's alumni donated all proceeds to the Kevin E. Reichardt Foundation. Severn alumni donated all proceeds to the Severn Lacrosse Alumni Fund.

Clips to catch, 3:43 UMD All American Mike Phipps, 4:06 MLL and NLL stud Will Dalton, 4:38 Funny Man, 6:25 Cornell/Towson Christian Pastirik, 8:05 UMD Brian Phipps GETS THE ASSIST, 9:08, 10:36 Dalton rips, 11:35 yardsale, 11:43 Scott "the sandlot legend" Falatach, 12:08 coast-to-coast-hail mary-to-phipps-between legs-to-Kip "yes, that Kip" Turner! Whoa, I'm outta breath.

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