Do You Have Trouble Shopping for Shoes Online (Video)

Do You Have Trouble Shopping for Shoes Online (Video)

Want to purchase shoes online, but don't know if it'll fit right? Get hip to this new company called Shoefitr. Shoefitr is an online tool that allows you do make the right choice when spending online.

Shoefitr recognizes that it is difficult to purchase shoes online because you are often unsure of how the shoe is going to fit you. You can't try the shoe on and walk around the store to see if it's too tight in the toe box area or too loose on the heel-etc. Not to mention, you could be a size 10 in one shoe and then an 11 in another; ultimately making it tough to purchase the right size shoe online the first time.

To solve this problem, Shoefitr created software that helps online shoppers find a properly fitting shoe the first time they order. The software asks a shopper for a shoe they currently own and then uses a database of internal shoe measurements to make size, fit, and footwear recommendations. They do this with 3D scanning technology and a database of internal shoe measurements. Essentially recreating the inside of a shoe with this 3D point cloud.

SHOEFITR from Float Pictures on Vimeo.

To the consumer we offer a very interactive & engaging application that helps you find the correct size shoe when purchasing online. They enter the shoe they currently wear and then the software compares it to the shoe you are looking to purchase and recommends a size. You can also use the 2D & 3D fitting tools so the consumer can see how the shoe will fit so they can see if it will accommodate their personal preferences. Ultimately saving the consumer a headache by having to return the wrong fit shoe.

This is definitely very beneficial for businesses, as well as consumers, because it helps decrease returns and increase conversion rates.

This tool is actually available on right now. Shoefitr could be a game changer.
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