Pro Lax MVP Paul Rabil Mentored Aspiring Athletes For Red Bull Under My Wing

Pro Lax MVP Paul Rabil Mentored Aspiring Athletes For Red Bull Under My Wing

Red Bull: Under My Wing - Paul Rabil and Pitt Lacrosse from Nathan Osche on Vimeo.

PITTSBURGH, PA (September 21st, 2012) - Professional Lacrosse Champion Paul Rabil inspired and gave wings to the University of Pittsburgh lacrosse team during a unique shooting clinic at the Pittsburgh Indoor Sports Arena. The program, called Red Bull Under My Wing, took place on Wednesday, September 19th. Along with Rabil, each collegiate hopeful participated in 3 skill sections; endurance, speed and accuracy while Pittsburgh’s very own DJ Nugget was spinning in the background.

Paul began the clinic with an hour long motivational speech to the LAX teams 38 participants and 6 coaches. Many of Rabil’s accomplishments are attributed to having an innate knack for the fastest game on two feet, but perhaps more important is the lacrosse star’s awe-inspiring work ethic. Every significant moment of Paul’s career was discussed in detail to show the aspiring athletes how to get where he is and the necessary steps needed. He also discussed popular techniques and the importance of a 360-degree shooting approach.

Mike Argyros from Cranberry Twp, PA took home the title of fastest shot with a top speed of 90 mph. Using Paul’s “snap the wrist” technique, Mike’s speed was improving constantly as the event progressed. Sam Westenberger from Dallastown, PA dominated the accuracy section hitting 3 targets in a span of 15 seconds. This may seem like a low number, but the average player was hitting 1 target. Hustling through the endurance section, Alex Powell from Rochester, NY took home the prize with a top time of 12.7 seconds. The endurance section consisted of cones, ladders, plastic hurdles and a plyo box and required a lot of coordination to get through in a timely and orderly manner. Top performers of each section won gear from Warrior Lacrosse including a head from Paul’s signature Rabil Collection.

After the clinic, Paul selected top performing athlete # 40 Matt Wolfe, also from Rochester, NY from the Panthers squad to keep “Under his Wing” by offering guidance and advice throughout the rest of the year. Contact information has been exchanged and the two will keep in touch for as long as they feel necessary. Asking loads of questions, constantly trying to improve his technique with Paul and doing so in a kind and warmhearted manner made a great impression. Wolfe, placing top 3 in both the speed shooting and endurance sections was the right choice for Paul.
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