Michigan Lacrosse Looks Forward to Building a 'Legacy'

Michigan Lacrosse Looks Forward to Building a 'Legacy'

There are very few videos that you watch in life, which create an immediate and lasting impression. Legacy is one of them. Legacy embodies everything an athlete and fan loves about sports. It evokes emotions, questions faith, builds camaraderie, and so much more. As a fan, I watched this video knowing that I witnessed Michigan's first year, Team One. Thusly, Michigan Lacrosse' first Division 1 team didn't have an easy journey.

The video captures the team's preparation for one of the greatest rivalries in college sports, Michigan vs. Ohio State. The Battle at the Big House is first of many to come.

Narrated by one of the most confusing characters in the history of television, Zach McGowan of Shameless delivered an amazing performance. His voice drew me in and never let go. His unforgettable tone made the video memorable.

Moreover, as I watched There and Back last night on ESPNU about the Virginia Men's Lacrosse team, I thought about how much better it could've been. Frankly, it didn't live up to potential. It featured the same faces, same names, and same story-lines. Everyone who plays lacrosse already knows what Virginia stands for. Show us something new. Tug on our heartstrings!


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