Grove City Announces a New Focus on Video

GROVE CITY, PA--July 7, 2011--Grove City College Lacrosse today announced a new commitment to the production of high quality video for the 2010-2011 season. This new effort will bring high definition video updates and highlight reels, including doses of sideline reporting and interviews. The videos will be released in partnership with CollegeLAX.
"This is really something that is fairly unprecedented in our division, and can go a long way towards getting the word out about our team," said Brandon Jones, the team's Director of Communication. "Video of this caliber will revolutionize the way that we communicate with the team's parents, fans, alumni, and press outlets. It will provide fresh content on a regular basis."

The Wolverines have been taking significant steps towards a more aggressive video production strategy since the beginning of last year, when they began publishing regular video updates featuring news, promotions, and details on events and fundraisers. This spring, as the team was playing the second highest strength of schedule in the league, the team began live streaming home games via CollegeLAX TV, and received a great response from parents, fans, alumni, and the media.

"From an alumni perspective I really like the way that regular video updates make sharing so easy with the alumni community. Video content provides a great opportunity for us to consume and share content in quick doses. This step will help alumni who are busy with work and family to stay in touch and informed about the happenings of the team." said Andrew Dymski, President of the Grove City Lacrosse Alumni Association and former President of the team.

Founded in 1993, the Grove City College lacrosse team is committed to playing "As One For an Audience of One," and strives each year to play with excellence and have the opportunity to compete in the CCLA and MCLA tournaments.
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