Video: College Lacrosse Player Tackles Suspect, Sleeper Hold Until Cops Arrive

Video: College Lacrosse Player Tackles Suspect, Sleeper Hold Until Cops Arrive

College Lacrosse Player Tackles Suspect, Sleeper Hold Until Cops Arrive

BOCA RATON CBSMiami – A Lynn University lacrosse player said he saw a man running from police so he decided to jump in and help. Brandon Rothstein, 22, tackled the alleged hit-and-run suspect and put him in a sleeper hold. According to the Boca Raton police arrest report, Rothstein hit the man in the chest and was able to knock him down as he ran across the campus lacrosse field. “I just kind of wrapped him up. His face hit my shoulder, he spun around, he kinda collapsed and I put him in a sleeper hold until the police officer told me to release him,”said Rothstein.

As the senior lacrosse player watched Cohen sprint across their brand new field. Rothstein said he quickly determined that the young man was unarmed and decided to act. “We haven’t played on this field yet and to see somebody — especially somebody who has a complete disregard for their freedom — running across our field, I just thought he had to be stopped. Not on our field,” said Rothstein.

Rothstein said he was about to board a bus for an away game when he saw the police foot chase. Police said a Taser was used on the suspect, Spencer Cohen, 25 of Boca Raton. He was arrested. According to Rothstein, he did not want the man running across the lacrosse field that has yet to be unveiled, the Sun Sentinel reported. Police said the incident started when an officer noticed a Toyota with an expired decal. As the officer was running the plate on the car to verify the tag was expired, Cohen allegedly made erratic maneuvers, ran a red light and crashed into several cars. Two people were injured and transported to a hospital. The police report said Cohen drove in to the Lynn University campus and crashed into a utility trailer and a parked car. He allegedly got out of the car and ran. That’s when Rothstein jumped in to help.

Our favorite college by the beach just got better. Can you believe how badass this Lynn University lacrosse player is? He noted that their field is brand new and no one's been on it yet. So, when he saw a criminal running across it, he took it personally...really personally. Head Coach Brian Kingsbury is a first-class guy, who continues to nurture outstanding kids. Learn more about Lynn.

You do not want to mess with Rothstein!

His bio: "in his spare time he is involved in competitive shooting and holds a master ranking in both the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) and the United States Practical Shooter Association"
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