.@CBSEveningNews Features the Thompson Trio, Highlights Native American Heritage

.@CBSEveningNews Features the Thompson Trio, Highlights Native American Heritage

Source - Brothers Lyle and Miles Thompson, and their cousin, Ty, are all starters on the University of Albany’s lacrosse team and considered three of the best players in the country. The Thompsons scored more goals last season than the entire teams of 40 NCAA Division 1 schools.

Their ancestors created the sport. Lyle, Miles and Ty grew up on Indian reservations in upstate New York, and like generations of Native Americans before them, they were first taught to play lacrosse as toddlers. Even now, lacrosse is deeply symbolic for Native Americans, who believe the game’s purpose is to entertain the Creator and to heal the sick.

“I just go out there, no matter win or lose, how many goals, how many assists I can score. I’m playing hard, playing with my heart – everything I have,” Lyle Thompson tells Quijano.

“Lacrosse is more than just a game for our people,” Ty Thompson says. “When I was growing up, me and my friends, that’s all we did.”

Scott Marr, head coach of the Albany men’s lacrosse team, says the Thompsons’ talents are on “a different level.”

“They are just so creative. They are just so much fun to watch,” Marr tells Quijano.
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