Boston University Women’s Lacrosse Team Finds 'The Zone'

Boston University Women’s Lacrosse Team Finds 'The Zone'

Earlier this year, we posted a promo for the documentary called The Zone, which is produced by Lee Feiner. The Zone focuses on that mindset before a major performance and really investigates this feeling that we feel when the lights go on and we're ready to go. This morning I received an e-mail from Lee Feiner with the finished documentary.

Lacrosse kicks in around the 27 minute mark. Enjoy!

You've heard it before. Watching a basketball game, a concert, any performance really. The moment of truth arises, and the best of the best deliver. The common term for a great performance at crunch time is being 'in the zone.'

I've always been fascinated by this idea. Are certain people able to find this place? If it's real, what does it feel like to be in the zone?

I talked with four performers and asked each to take a deeply introspective look at their own zone. I asked what it looked and sounded and smelled like. Do things slow down, or speed up? Are you aware of what's going on around you or are you in your own world?

The result of those conversations is this film. With the help of a sports psychologist, the performers and I did our best to go beyond the common use of the term "The Zone."

Rather than pigeon-hole greatness with a flippant term, I chose to celebrate it, and hopefully learn something about a misunderstood state of mind in the process.

This is the result of 4 months of hard work and a year of thought. This is the culmination of what I've learned in my time at Boston University's College of Communication. With the help of the incredibly gifted and generous performers featured, and both Drew Johnson and Sandy Hooper, I was able to take this from conception to reality in less than a semester.

It's not perfect, and the next time I get to do this there are obviously things I would do differently, but I'm very proud of this.
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