A Journey and Book: Zen, Lacrosse and the Art of Stringing

A Journey and Book: Zen, Lacrosse and the Art of Stringing

Zen, Lacrosse and the Art of Stringing begins with a journey across the country to different locations, based on the start of the lacrosse season in that area, teaching as many players, parents and coaches how to understand their game better through learning how to understand their pocket, string the perfect pocket for their game at that moment and how to progress as they progress as people; the culmination will produce a hard copy book. During my travels, I will write this book, Zen, Lacrosse and the Art of Stringing, as I get inside the minds of players, coaches and parents in hopes of providing the most relative book possible.

Players in the lacrosse community do not just need another lesson in technical execution; they need a lesson in how to think, so they can use intuition to find their best game and be the best possible person they can. Along my travels, I will be documenting my thought patterns as I write about the philosophies behind stringing your pocket and how, ultimately, this exercise is a lesson in self growth as you must really analyze your tendencies during the game as well as in life in general. You can learn much about a person through tracing back the reasons behind any seemingly small action in life by simply asking ‘why?’ and answering yourself honestly.

During the four or so months that I will be traveling, I will be teaching as many people as possible to string. Due to this hands on approach, I will get into the minds of my students to find the best way to teach them; this knowledge will be invaluable in creating a book worth owning and reading more than once. My goal is to create a book where folks will go not only for technical instruction, but, more importantly, inspiration to learn more about themselves and improve in mind and body.

As mentioned, I will document my journey on a blog; this blog will live on ZenLaxString.LaxAllStars.com. LaxAllStars was also kind enough to set up my crowd-sourced fundraising page as well. This blog will allow people to get into my brain as well as I twist and turn through the tribulations of writing a complex book about a complex subject and maintain relate-ability. This is a unique opportunity to explore along with the mind of the author while the book is being written and allow the reader to more fully comprehend the book in its best intentions as a foundation for learning the principles of self inquiry through knowing your pocket.

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