8 Ads You’ll See During Super Bowl XLVI

8 Ads You’ll See During Super Bowl XLVI

TheBigLead.com listed a long, long list of commercials that will pop-up during the Super Bowl this weekend. We sifted through all of them and have listed our eight faves. We still don't understand why companies pay celebrities to endorse certain items. Would Jerry Seinfeld really buy an Acura? No, and that's why we left that commercial off of our list. C'mon man! Yet, we couldn't leave Honda's Ferris Bueller's Day Off commercial off could we?

“Vampire Party” Audi takes a bite out of the vampire genre in a commercial that features the A7 but actually stars the Audi LED headlights (!), which are as bright as daylight and have the same affect on the living dead.

“Time to Perform” Broke during the NHL Winter Classic as a prelude to the tire company’s Super Bowl spot. The ad unveiled Bridgestone’s performance balls (football, basketball) and puck, which are made out of rubber and resemble tires. This teaser ad for the Super Bowl spot advances the storyline and features such current and former athletes as Deion Sanders, Steve Nash, Troy Aikman and Tim Duncan.

“Business Trip” A man’s co-workers make his life difficult on a road trip, during which they are all play and no work.

“Happy Grad” The winning consumer-generated entry, from Zach Borst, from Chevy’s Route 66 Super Bowl XLVI competition. A high school grad thinks his parents have given him a new yellow Camero, and he and his friends react according. His parents are reluctant to give him his real give – a mini-refrigerator for his dorm.

“Reinvented” The television premiere of the 30-second spot on Feb. 5 will mark the car company ‘s return to Super Bowl advertising for the first time in three years.

“All For One” In its fifth consecutive year as a Super Bowl advertiser, Hyundai will air five total game-day ads on Feb. 5: two pre-game spots, one in the pre-kick time slot and two ads slated for in-game air time.

“Stunt Anthem” The Sonic is meant for the uber-A-type personality, according to this commercial, in which the car goes skydiving, bungee-jumping and sent over an extreme skateboarding course, where it does kick-flips and other moves.

“Matthew’s Day Off” Matthew Broderick updates his classic role from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986). You may need the day off to find all the references from the original film.

Watch all of the commercials at TheBigLead.com.
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