5 Father's Day Gifts for Your Lacrosse Dad Presented by Duke Cannon

5 Father's Day Gifts for Your Lacrosse Dad Presented by Duke Cannon

Between youth tournaments and weekend men's league games, it's hard work being a lacrosse dad. So, this Father's Day consider giving your lacrosse dad the gift of grooming products that work to keep him looking and feeling his best whether he's roaming the sideline or reliving his glory days. (And use Lacrosse Playground's discount code LAX10 to receive 10% off your order).

THICK Body Wash

If your lacrosse dad is a sideline roamer, then the odds are high he ends up sweating more than you. The overbearing lacrosse dad embraces his role of walking 20 miles up and down the sideline in the scorching heat during his son or daughter’s lacrosse tournaments. After all, it’s no small task yelling “wheels” during clears or “politely disagreeing” with an official’s call five minutes into the game.

Yet, that same dad also knows that his now sun-burnt body requires a shower of substance to complete a full day's work. Thankfully, Duke Cannon’s THICK body wash is the perfect solution, and will have your lacrosse dad roaming and moaning up and down the sideline once again in no time.

Dry Ice Body Powder

Maybe your dad still plays lacrosse in a men’s league—the perfect way to “relive his glory days” and ensure he wakes up with a bad back on Monday. While we don’t have a cure for all his aches and pains, we can cure the swamp stench he exudes after sporting his 80’s era porthole mesh pinney and lucky jock from high school.

Fortunately, Duke Cannon Dry Ice Powder is designed to keep him cool and dry where it counts and provide some temporary relief to his manhood.

Big Ass Beer Soap

Of course, men’s leagues are nothing without cold beverages to wash down the pain following (or during) the games. Lacrosse is no longer the main activity, it’s just the excuse to have some brews with the bros.

Yet, that refreshing Old Milwaukee feeling at a postgame party can only last for so long. That is, if you’re not one of the lacrosse legends who uses Duke Cannon’s Big Ass Beer Soap. Made with real Old Milwaukee, the beer antioxidants in this soap help clean the skin and allow any over-the-hill men’s league champ to feel in peak shape—even if his play on the field suggests otherwise.

Trench Warfare Antiperspirant + Deodorant

If your lacrosse dad is a coach, then personal hygiene is paramount. The best lacrosse coaches are poised under pressure and don’t sweat it when coaching in the big moments. There is no room for body odor in the huddle and an easy way to lose a locker room is to smell like one.

Thankfully, Duke Cannon’s Trench Warfare antiperspirant + deodorant is an effective option for coaches who want to smell as well as they coach.

News Anchor 2-in-1 Hair Wash

If your lacrosse dad also happens to be a referee, then you know that the last thing he wants to worry about is getting dandruff on his nice zebra-striped getup. The best way for a referee to earn respect and demonstrate his authority is to make sure he’s well-groomed and looking his best.

Luckily, Duke Cannon’s New Anchor 2-in-1 hair wash is designed to clean and condition the hair of hard-working men. And unlike your lacrosse dad’s officiating, it’s always the right call.

Visit Duke Cannon Supply Co. to purchase these and many other men's grooming products and use Lacrosse Playground's discount code LAX10 to receive 10% off your order.

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