Top 66 Senior Spotlights: Truitt Sunderland

Top 66 Senior Spotlights: Truitt Sunderland

Truitt Sunderland finished his senior year for the Calvert Hall Cardinals with a daunting 99 points.

Remarkably balanced, Truitt scored 52 goals and dished 47 assists.

As a freshman, Truitt was a started for the Nationally ranked #1 team in the country. That year he had a 57 point campaign and the Calvert Hall team won the MIAA, which is widely regarded as the toughest high school lacrosse league in the country.

Covid cancelled the sophomore season and a broken foot in the first game of his junior year afforded Top-66’s #2 player in the Country only two high school seasons.

He made the most of them finishing with 171 points (+4 per game average), shot over 42%, and a 36-6 record as a player.

Truitt will play for the Virginia Cavaliers next year and will certainly be remembered as one of the best to ever wear a Calvert Hall jersey.

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Sunderland is the best QB, X-attackman, wing-dodger, feeder, shooter, riding-attackman and all-around offensive player in the class. He’s a natural at X. Dodges, feeds, and finishes with both hands. Can play all 6 spots on O. He’s as smart, tough, two handed, and competitive as they come. He is fast with a COD that’s tough to cover. There are few in the class that can play unsettled and settled lacrosse like Sunderland, except for Spallina. Truitt is the player that makes everyone around him better. The Top 66 evaluators and ranking system has him just 1 ten-thousandth of a point behind the #1 spot.

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