LPG Fab 40 Year Long Program Now Open

LPG Fab 40 Year Long Program Now Open

Lacrosse Playground's Fab 40 Year Long Program ensures you're seen over the course of the school year and beyond by leveraging our social media network of over 93,000 followers and our website which has been producing lacrosse content since 2009.

There are thousands of athletes playing lacrosse this summer and very few college coaches.

The athletes who are seen the most at their best have vastly better chances.

You need consistent exposure, 2026s in particular ahead of September 1st, to be evaluated and offered.

Athletes will receive the following benefits:

  • Exposure from the time you register until September 30, 2024

  • Player profile including bio and film analysis of most recent highlight video shared to LPG Website

    • Summer 2023 highlight tape post

    • Fall 2023 highlight tape post

    • Spring 2024 highlight tape post

    • Summer 2024 highlight tape post

  • Your best clips shared to LPG Twitter, tweet will include link to player highlight tape

  • Your best clips shared to LPG Instagram throughout the year

  • Player profile reviewed on LPG Podcast

  • Highlight videos shared on LPG YouTube

  • College consulting and mentorship, send us a DM about anything and we’ll help or connect you with someone who can

  • Summer of Improvement Initiative Wall Ball Routine

YouTube Followers: 2900

Instagram Followers: 18,900

Twitter Followers: 35,400

Facebook Followers: 36,000

This year long service is only available to the first 40 athletes.


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