Class of 2025 Watchlist: Western Reserve Boys

Class of 2025 Watchlist: Western Reserve Boys

With September 1st less than two months away, we’re highlighting some of the top 2025s around the country.

Next up, let's check in with Brick Row.

Luke Jaeger - Midfield

Having watched many WRA games this past spring, it became abundantly clear that Jaeger's name was being mentioned more and more as the season progressed. A sign of increased trust by the coaching staff. Not something to take lightly given the strength of WRA's schedule.

Finley Peck - Midfield

Peck has been competing in high level events this summer and will surely be primed to take an expanded role at WRA next spring.

Great exposure at the 0:30 mark to get the goalie moving after beating a pole underneath with a face dodge.

Zeke Merchant - Midfield

The Illinois product has some great things on tape at the school and club level including an impressive goal against Don Bosco Prep in New Jersey. The opening highlight showcases a very solid understanding of how to set up a SSDM to free his hands.

Sean Mckee - Attack

McKee earned a roster spot on the New Balance Midwest team. When we were watching him in person, he unloaded a very confident left handed strike from the wing. Based on the highlight tape, he did that more than once this past spring.

Gavin Gall - Defense

The Wisconsin transfer with a mean streak isn't tall but he is able to physically exert his will on the opponent. (See 0:16)

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