Class of 2025 Watchlist: Lawrenceville Boys

Class of 2025 Watchlist: Lawrenceville Boys

With September 1st less than two months away, we're highlighting some of the top 2025s around the country.

First up, we'll head to New Jersey to check in with the #1 team in the country.

Ted Rawson - Attack/Midfield

Stop us if you've heard this before, Rawson is a lefty finisher from Canada.

He can score off the dodge, time and room and inside.

Nate Sage - Attack/Midfield

Another Big Red Canadian lefty with an obvious box skill set.

He has a bevy of finishing skills on the front door.

Sawyer English - Midfield

A right handed Canadian dodger.

This highlight package opens with an effortless and textbook answer move for a goal.

Nick Voultos - Defense

The Michigan product is tenacious on ball and makes aggressive, yet calculated decisions off ball.

Brock Getson - Defense

The California native has a guard you when you get off the bus mentality and is more than capable handling in transition.

Stay tuned for additional watch lists from schools and clubs around the country.

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