PLL Week 2 Recap: Redwoods

PLL Week 2 Recap: Redwoods

We recapped the Friday Night games briefly on Saturday Morning Live.

Some further notes on the weekend in Charlotte.

The Redwoods improved to 2-0 with their second straight one goal victory topping the Waterdogs 10-9.

Ryder Garnsey leads the team in goals with 8 through the first two weekends including another highlight finish.

But, the twin towers of Myles Jones and Sergio Perkovic have yet to arrive.

Game 1 vs. Atlas

Jones 1 goal on 2 shots

Perkovic 0 points on 2 shots

Game 2 vs. Waterdogs

Jones 0 points on 4 shots

Perkovic 0 points on 4 shots

What's the message from the coaching staff? We've already seen the Atlas have a quick hook on roster management while also reminding Romar Dennis that he's "solid" per Ryan Boyle during the broadcast. With nearly every team making the playoffs, coaching staffs have more wiggle room.

In the meantime, the aforementioned Garnsey has picked up the scoring slack as has Wes Berg who has matched his 2022 points total in half the time.

Nakeie Montgomery was every where in Week 1 recording 3 assists, 5 shots, and 6 ground balls. He was quieter this weekend with only 2 shots and 1 ground ball. While he wasn't asked to play much defense in Durham, he could be a great weapon in the PLL has more of a two way middie which you don't get from Jones or Perkovic.

TD Ierlan is only 22-48 through 2 games. After going 38% against Baptiste, he rallied for a 55% day against rookie James Reilly. Ierlan finished his rookie campaign at 65% before dipping to 54% last year. As a reminder, last year Ierlan played in the NLL prior to the PLL season.

Rookie Cole Kirst (sorry for calling him Connor on the pod) debuted with 2 goals and an assist.

Jack Kelly shut the door after the first quarter finishing with 19 saves at 68% after starting the season at 48%.

Next up for the Redwoods, the 0-2 Whipsnakes in Columbus, Ohio.

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