Lacrosse Canada unveils new name and logo

Lacrosse Canada unveils new name and logo

Lacrosse Canada (formerly the Canadian Lacrosse Association) is excited to share a new organization name, logo and website.

“Lacrosse Canada recognized the need for an organization rebrand to better reflect the values and identity of the Canadian lacrosse community,” Jane Clapham, Executive Director of Lacrosse Canada, said.

With the pandemic putting many sports across the country on hold for the past year, it provided a valuable opportunity to move ahead with the rebrand. Lacrosse Canada’s new identity was developed to better reflect the organization while keeping the sport’s traditional roots at the forefront.

The launch of the new brand comes in time for the 2021 season and the national and international events planned for 2022.

“This is an exciting time for our sport. Next summer, lacrosse will make its much-anticipated return to the Canada Summer Games. As well, our national teams will be busy with two World Lacrosse championships and the World Games in 2022,” Shawn Williams, President of Lacrosse Canada, said. “Our new Lacrosse Canada brand and identifiable logo will help move our sport forward as we take the national and international stage.”

Lacrosse, Canada’s National Summer Sport, is often referred to as the fastest game on two feet. The Lacrosse Canada emblem represents the heart of our sport while creating one recognizable identity for the organization, national teams, and national championships.

“We are looking forward to when our lacrosse community can once again fully participate in the sport and attend national championships. When that time comes, the new Lacrosse Canada brand will be ready to inspire further passion for the game of lacrosse,” Clapham said.

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