Episode 1: The PLL Narrative

Episode 1: The PLL Narrative

The debut episode of The PLL Narrative, our new PLL specific podcast, has arrived.

We'll discuss past draft day swings and misses, recap the stunning the 2022 draft (15:15) and interview Ryan Tierney a new member of the Cannons LC (31:36.)

We opened by wondering how much confidence the coaches have with their selections. After all, they don't have scouts or any front office support. They have other jobs and family responsibilities to fill their day. Of course, NBA and NFL team miss on their drafts every year. Who can forget Tom Brady being selected 199th overall?

There was a surprise with the number one selection which somehow wasn't the story of the draft. The bulk of the episode is focused on Nakeie Montgomery falling to the third round. We recorded the episode during the draft so you'll be able to hear the immediate frustration and confusion. Was there more style than substance to Montgomery's game? How could that be for a former 1st team All American?

Finally, Hofstra great Ryan Tierney joins the show to recap the transition from college to the PLL and his expectations for year two in the PLL with his new squad.

Future episodes will be released directly to Apple and Spotify.


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