Vail Lacrosse Shootout Day 1 Results, Photos

Vail Lacrosse Shootout Day 1 Results, Photos

The first day of the Vail Lacrosse Shootout’s 40th tournament saw action in just one division, the Men’s Masters (30+). Last year’s champion, Team Hulu, moved on to the Championship Bracket. Joining Hulu in the semi-finals Jagermeister, Team Adrenaline and Olympic Club all won their first round games in convincing fashion.

Sunday will see a tremendous increase in the amount of “ball” being played in the valley as the Shootout action expands to six fields from Vail all the way down to Edwards. Men’s and women’s Elite brackets are set to begin with 20 teams competing on the men’s side and 15 teams in the women’s portion of the tournament.

Results for Saturday 6/30
Vendetta's 15, Buddha's Ballers 6
Vendetta’s came out strong and continued to dominate the game all the way through. Ryan Wheeler, a Vendetta’s attackman, was the most consistent scorer on the field. Michael Goerne and Darin Tinger helped the team to keep possession by consistently winning face-offs.

Team Adrenaline 15, Silver Oyster 2
Team Adrenaline started out strong and continued to dominate the entire game. Defense did a solid job of clearing the ball and preventing scoring opportunities. Adrenaline’s Kale Nelson finished the game out with a quick hat trick.

Olympic Club 14, Middlebury 5
Olympic Club dominated the majority of the game, OC’s Greg Lawler had a hat trick with a behind the back goal to finish his three goal run, in addition Brad Graw also had a hat trick. In goal, Matt Russell finished with 14 saves for the boys from California.

Team Hulu 22, Vendetta's 8
Vendetta’s second game of the day went the opposite direction of their first. Hulu’s Jim Loffredo helped the team to achieve quick scoring by dominating face-offs.

Jagermeister 12, Power Tek 3
Jagermeister got out to an early lead and never looked back. Riding Marc DiGiovanni’s three consecutive goals to start the game, Jager controlled the tempo this first round matchup the entire time.

Schedule for Sunday 7/1

Men’s Masters
11am - Athletic Field - Olympic Club vs. Jagermeister
1pm - Athletic Field - Team Hulu vs. Team Adrenaline
9am - Athletic Field - Buddha's Ballers vs. Silver Oyster
3pm - Athletic Field - Power Tek vs. Middlebury
5pm - Ford Field - Vendetta's vs. Staff Alert

Men’s Elite
9am – Ford Field – Prestige Lacrosse vs. Balance Bar
11am - Ford Field – Rocky Mountain Oysters / vs. Winner of Ford Field 9am
1pm - Ford Field – Eager Beavers vs. Crease Beavers
3pm - Ford Field – Merrill Lynch vs. Winner of Ford Field 1pm

9am – Edwards Turf – Team Gutman vs. Big Green Herd
11am - Edwards Turf – Team One’s Jammin’ Salmon vs. Winner of Edwards Turf 9am
1pm - Edwards Turf – True Lacrosse Club vs. FCA Lacrosse
3pm - Edwards Turf – Warrior X vs. Winner of Edwards Turf 1pm

9am – Edwards Grass – Backcountry Brewery vs. Denver City Lax / Encore
11am - Edwards Grass – Brine Elite vs. Southern Combat
1pm - Edwards Grass – Tunesquad vs. Team Harrow
3pm - Edwards Grass – Maverik Elite vs. LOFers

Women’s Elite
8:30am – Edwards 1 – Team Wild @ TexLax
9:45am - Edwards 1 – Paridise City @ True Lacrosse
11:00am - Edwards 1 – TexLax @ Cole Roofing
12:15pm - Edwards 1 – Paridise City @ Gang Green
1:30pm - Edwards 1 – Team Wild @ Cole Roofing
2:45pm - Edwards 1 – Lakeshore @ LOFers

8:30am – Edwards 2 – Brat Pack @ Team Chipotle
9:45am - Edwards 2 – Texas Swager @ Mile High Elite
11:00am - Edwards 2 – Brat Pack @
12:15pm - Edwards 2 – LOFers @ #1 Stunner of the Month
1:30pm - Edwards 2 – Team Chipotle @
2:45pm - Edwards 2 – Mile High Elite @ Portland Purple

Tournament Schedule:
Men’s &Women’s Elite Divisions: July 1, 2, 3 & 4
Men’s Masters (age 30 and over): June 30, July 1 & 2
Men’s Supermasters (age 40 and over): July 5, 6, 7 & 8
Men’s Grandmasters (age50 and over): July 5, 6, & 7
Boy’s & Girl’s U-19 High School Divisions: July 5, 6, 7, & 8
Youth Chumash Tournament: July 7 & 8

Game Photos:

Team Adrenaline shucked the Silver Oysters on Athletic Field.

Vendetta’s Ryan Wheeler shoots on goalie Joe Meyer of Buddha’s Ballers.

Team Adrenaline’s Chris Bok drops ‘em like a rock.

Team Gutman competes in every division of the Vail Lacrosse Shootout.

Jagermeister’s plentiful shots return them to the semi-finals.
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