Play For Parkinson's Tournament Photos

Play For Parkinson's Tournament Photos

The Play for Parkinson's fall ball lacrosse tournament was held this weekend at Episcopal HS in Alexandria, VA.  Play For Parkinson's combines top notch NCAA lacrosse, youth level halftime games, and fan access to the athletes participating in the charitable tournament, not to mention great Rockland's BBQ.  Teams from Georgetown, Loyola, Towson, Duke, Richmond and Team USA came out to battle and help lend a hand in the fight against Parkinson's disease.

Began by former Princeton laxer Christian Cook and his sister Lauren, P4P raises money for Project Spark to help find a cure for Parkinson's disease.  Now in its fourth year, the event has expanded to two days, 11 teams (Air Force was the 12th before the gov't shutdown...), and a whole lot of happy fans.  Check out the gallery below for some shots of a few of the men's games that were played on Saturday, and head over to to help a great organization.





Below are even more pictures.  (Pro recommendation: Get the Hover-Zoom extension for Chrome and stop clicking everything)

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