Paul Rabil Chats With Lacrosse Playground About Red Bull Under My Wing

Paul Rabil Chats With Lacrosse Playground About Red Bull Under My Wing

Friday, we shared the Red Bull Under My Wing that Professional Lacrosse Champion, Paul Rabil, hosted in Pittsburgh. Paul Rabil inspired and gave wings to the University of Pittsburgh lacrosse team during a unique shooting clinic at the Pittsburgh Indoor Sports Arena. All attendees participated in skill sections while Rabil offered his personal advice to inspire the players. We had the opportunity to ask Paul a few questions about the event and what we should expect from him and Red Bull in the future.

Was this your first time participating in the Red Bull Under My Wing?
Officially, this was my second RB Under My Wing event. The first event we worked with a selected group of elite HS players in New Jersey at the Red Bull Arena. There, I was given the opportunity to mentor young players on their road to college. This event was unique because I was working with talented, motivated collegiate athletes. I'm excited to see how they progress this year.

What exactly is Red Bull Under My Wing and what do you look to achieve with the event?
It's an opportunity for a RB athlete to spread their knowledge, expertise and inspiration to the younger generation. I find these events to be more inspirational to me than anything else because I get the opportunity to work with players that are hungry, and appreciate the insight and advice I give them. I communicate to the players everything from self motivation to skills and technique.

How is this different from other lacrosse events?
It's unique because the players get an entirely different experience than what you see at a store signing, shooting demo or anything else. It's a chance to motivate the players and work on the mental part of the game.

Do you feel the attendees enjoyed it?
Absolutely. Anytime I do an event like this my goal is to motivate and tell my story for 20-30 minutes before we get going. When the players are engaged and reciprocating with questions, it tends to go a bit longer. And with Pitt, we talked for over an hour before heading into drills.

When is the next Red Bull Under My Wing taking place? What should fans expect for the future?
We're in the process of figuring that out now. It's important that the event stays unique and only happens to certain groups or individuals.

View Video Highlights from Under My Wing Pittsburgh. For more info follow @Paulrabil and @redbullPGH.
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