Illadelph Summer Uni by LacrosseWear

Many of you have probably seen the bikini sublimated jerseys at the Ocean City Classic a few weeks ago. These are some of the best uni's we've seen all summer besides OUR OWN of course. We wanted some details from the man who brought this idea in to fruition, Carl Ray.

How did you come up with the idea for the bikini uniform?
I came up with the idea the day after last years tourney. We had to top the rocky shorts. I thought of the trashiest thing possible. Then I convinced the team.

Haha, did they have faith in you?
Half the guys didn't think I would follow through.

Who designed the uniforms?
I have to give some love to LacrosseWear. They sponsored our team. I promised Bo at LacrosseWear good press and now we're on Lacrosse Playground!

Where do most of your players hail from?

The team is comprised of mostly Quaker players, an A.L.L. club team. Our players come from Drexel, Delaware, Providence, Cornell, Maryland, West Chester... all over.

How did you guys fair in the OC Classic? Will you play in it again?
It was a great tourney. We lost by a goal to the eventual winners, Jack Lingo. Somehow we have to come up with better unis next year. And I'm promising a tournament win!

I wonder if they will go with bikini bottoms next year. Also, props to their 38 year old goalie, Mike Tabasso. He's the creepy old guy.
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