40th Vail Lacrosse Shootout -- Day Two

40th Vail Lacrosse Shootout -- Day Two

The second day of action in the 40th annual Vail Lacrosse Shootout saw the semi-finals in the Men’s Masters Division. In addition, the highly anticipated Men’s and Women’s Elite tournaments got underway.

In the Masters division, Jagermeister cruised through the second round, and earned their spot in the championship game. In the second semi-final, the tournament’s new overtime rules were tested for the first time when Adrenaline knocked off last year’s champion Hulu. The Adrenaline vs. Hulu matchup was the most exciting game of the day with three goals in the last 1:15 of regulation.

The Men’s Elite division was active for the 40th time, and the Women’s Elite was back in full force. Last year’s champion Merrill Lynch stayed true to form and defeated newcomers, the Crease Beavers in the Men’s Elite. On the women’s side 2011 champion Gang Green cruised past Paradise City in their first game at the Shootout.

On Monday the Men’s Masters Division will wrap up with its championship game at 12:30pm between Team Adrenaline and Jagermeister. Pool play will conclude in the morning for Women’s Elite, and then teams will be placed into a bracket. The Men’s elite division will have its quarter-finals starting at 9:00am at Ford Field.

Results for Sunday 7/1

Men’s Masters
Jagermeister 12, Olympic Club 6
Olympic Club was right on Jager’s heels for an intense first half of the game. The second half got a little more relaxed as Jager widened their lead. James Kappler of Jagermeister helped the team win with four goals.
Adrenaline 8, Hulu 7
This heated semi-final game went to overtime thanks to Adrenaline’s Bobby Magrin, who had a total of six goals, including the game-winning overtime goal. The efforts of Hulu goalie Kevin McGurn were nothing short of impressive, however, with a total of 18 saves. Both teams held their own and maintained intensity throughout the game, but it was Adrenaline who managed to come out on top.

Silver Oyster10, Buddha's Ballers3
Power Tek 14, Middlebury 4
Vendetta's defeated Staff Alert

Men’s Elite
Balance Bar 21, Prestige Lacrosse 1
Rocky Mountain Oysters / Lax.com 19, Balance Bar 9
Crease Beavers 23, Eager Beavers 7
Merrill Lynch 21, Crease Beavers 2
Big Green Herd 16, Team Gutman 2
Big Green Herd 10, One’s Jammin’ Salmon 7
FCA Lacrosse 16, True Lacrosse Club 3
FCA Lacrosse 15, Warrior X 10
Denver City Lax / Encore 18, Backcountry Brewery 6
Brine Elite 16, Southern Combat 5
Team Harrow 15, Tunesquad 4
Maverik Elite 12, LOFers 3

Women’s Elite
Pool Play
TexLax 13, Team Wild 8
True Lacrosse 11, Paradise City 1
Cole Roofing 13, TexLax 5
Gang Green 10, Paradise City 3
Cole Roofing 12, Team Wild 8
LOFers 13, Lakeshore 6
Brat Pack 17, Team Chipotle 6
Mile High Elite 16, Texas Swagger 7
CRSLAX.com 14, Brat Pack 3
LOFers 9, #1 Stunner of the Month 7
CRSLAX.com 17, Team Chipotle 5
Mile High Elite 15, Portland Purple 8

Poll Standing
Pool A
1st place-TBD
2nd place-TBD
3rd place- Paradise City

Pool B
1st place-TBD
2nd place-TBD
3rd place-TBD

Pool C
1st place-Cole Roofing
2nd place-TexLax
3rd place-Team Wild

Pool D
1st place-Brat Pack
2nd place- CRSLAX.com
3rd place- Team Chipotle

Pool E
1st place-TBD
2nd place-TBD
3rd place- TBD

Schedule for Monday 7/2

Men’s Masters
12:30pm - Athletic Field - Team Adrenaline vs. Team Jagermeister

3rd place
2:30pm - Athletic Field - Hulu vs. Olympic Club

Consolation Championship
10:30am - Athletic Field - Silver Oysters vs. PowerTek

8:30am - Athletic Field - Buddha’s Ballers vs. Staff Alert

Men’s Elite

Championship Bracket
9am – Ford Field – Team Harrow vs. Brine Elite
11am - Ford Field – Maverik Elite vs. Denver City Lax / Encore
1pm - Ford Field – Merrill Lynch vs. Big Green Herd
3pm - Ford Field – Rocky Mountain Oysters / Lax.com vs. FCA Lacrosse

Consolation Bracket
9am – Edwards Turf – LOFers vs. Back Country Brewery
11am - Edwards Turf – Southern Combat vs. Tunesquad
1pm - Edwards Turf – Warrior X vs. Balance Bar
3pm - Edwards Turf – Team One’s Jammin’ Salmon vs. Crease Beavers
11am - Edwards Grass – Team Gutman vs. True Lacrosse Club
1pm - Edwards Grass – Prestige Lacrosse vs. Eager Beavers

Women’s Elite
Pool Play
8:30am – Edwards 1 – Team Wild @ TexLax
9:45am - Edwards 1 – Paradise City @ True Lacrosse
8:30am – Edwards 2 – Brat Pack @ Team Chipotle

Championship Bracket
The remainder of the schedule will be determined at the end of pool play.

Game Photos:

Team Adrenaline’s Bobby Magrin scored six goals, including the game winner in overtime.

Jagermeister pulled away from Olympic Club in the second half advancing to the Master’s Championship.

The Women’s Elite tournament kicked off with pool play down in Edwards.

The Big Green Herd won two games to advance to the Men’s Elite quarter-finals.

Keeping cool at the 40th Vail Lacrosse Shootout!
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