2013 Vail Lacrosse Shootout – Day 3

2013 Vail Lacrosse Shootout – Day 3

The third day of the 41st Vail Lacrosse Shootout saw the tournament’s first champion crowned. The Eldest Statesmen became five-time Grandmasters champions with a 12-4 victory over Middlebury. In the Supermasters division, for the third straight year the Elder Statesmen will faceoff against the C2C Magic Wands. The teams have split the last two years with the Statesmen winning in 2012 and the Wands taking it all in 2011.

The high school divisions saw the best teams rise to the top on day 2 of the U-19 Showcases. On the boy’s side 2012 champion FCA returns to the final-four as does Laxachusetts. Joining them will be the Adrenalin Jr. Tropics and Baltimore Crabs, dangerous as ever, who come back to the tournament after a one year hiatus. In the U-19 Girl’s division, pool play wrapped up, last year’s winner Team HLA went undefeated in the round-robin and will look to repeat as Gold Division champs.

Results for Monday 7/1
Grandmasters (50+)
Championship: 8:30am - Ford West - Eldest Statesmen 12, Middlebury 4
Despite the game getting off to a slow start, Eldest Statesmen clearly dominated all aspects of this contest. Ken Mahaney, goalie for Middlebury, had some impressive saves. Unfortunately for the @middlax squad, they were no match for the favored and now 5-time champion Eldest Statesmen. Sean Fox led the Statesmen with three points on two goals and one assist.

3rd Place Game: 8:30am - Ford East - Los Viejos 9, Tombstone 8 (OT)
Paul Mosey had four goals and the game winner in OT. Rocco Gugliecmo helped give the Los Viejos possessions winning 80% of faceoffs in the second half. It was a disappointing loss for Tombstone goalie Chris Harkins who was stellar in goal and finished with 15 saves.

Chris was given the US Lacrosse - Keeper of Lacrosse Award for the Grandmasters division. This game was Chris’s last game as he plans to donate a kidney to his sister next week. The integrity and commitment that Chris displays on and off the field made it an easy choice as to who this year’s Keeper of Lacrosse would be.

Consolation Championship: 8:30am - Athletic - Mr. Boh 9, Navy Grand Goats 6
Consolation: 8:30am - Donovan - Colorado Lax Club 6, AF Greybirds 3
Consolation: 10:30am - Donovan - Colorado Lax Club 9, Princeton BCLF 6

Final Standing:
1st: Eldest Statesmen
2nd: Middlebury
3rd: Los Viejos
4th: Tombstone
5th: Mr. Boh
6th: Navy Grand Goats
7th: Colorado Lax Club
8th: Princeton BCLF
9th: Air Force Greybirds
U.S. Lacrosse – Keeper of Lacrosse Award
Chris Harkins

Supermasters (40+)
Championship Bracket
Semifinal: 12:30pm – Ford West – C2C Magic Wands 9, Princeton BCLF 4
C2C Magic Wands started with a strong first half, helped by four goals from #3 Jim Loffredo. Princeton tried to get back in the game during the third quarter with good possessions and strong play from their goalie. Despite the improvement from Princeton, they simply could not find the back of the net enough. Wands closed out the game by only allowing one shot on goal in the 4th quarter.
Semifinal: 2:30pm – Ford West – Elder Statesmen 14, Yellow Dog 3
In a game that was close early, the Elder Statesmen started with a 3-2 lead after the first quarter, grew it to a 6-3 margin by halftime, and then didn’t allow another goal. For the third conductive year the Statesmen will take on the Wands in the Championship game.

Consolation Bracket
Semifinal: 10:30am – Ford East – Moondoggies 10, Navy Old Goats 7
Semifinal: 12:30pm – Ford East – Middlebury 10, Arizona Wildfire 5
Consolation: 10:30am – Ford West – CoBiz 10, Team ARTA 5

Dr. Tom Watts Memorial U-19 High School Boy’s Showcase
Division 1 Bracket Quarterfinals - Avon 1
9:00am - Baltimore Crabs 23, Minnesota Chill 5
11:00am - Adrenaline Jr. Tropics 10, Team Colorado 1
1:00pm – Laxachusetts 11, Midwest Select 7
3:00pm - FCA 11, Brady's Bunch 4

Division 2 Bracket Quarterfinals - Avon 2
9:00am - FCA Colorado 11, Local Favorites 2
11:00am - Black Hawks 24, Orange 15
1:00pm - Minnesota Frost 14, Altitude Sickness 13
3:00pm - Lawrenceville Big Red 13, Nebraska Buddha’s Ballers 9

U-19 High School Girl’s Showcase
Pool A Results
Team HLA 12, LaxNW Rippers 0
PA Express 16, Utah Mamaci Black 0

Pool A Standings
3-0 Team HLA
2-1 PA Express
1-2 LaxNW Rippers
0-3 Utah Mamaci Black

Pool B Results
Team 180 14, MNLakers Select ’17 0
Puget Sound Select 11, Wolverines 10
Team 180 16, Wolverines 3
Puget Sound Select 17, MN Lakers Select ’17 1

Pool B Standings
3-0 Team 180
2-1 Puget Sound Select
1-2 Wolverines
0-3 MN Lakers Select 2017

Pool C Results
Stars Blue 2017 10, Oregon Elite 9
With evenly matched athleticism, this game boiled down to fundamentals. Both teams stood firm and held their ground, but the Stars Blue '17 made the necessary plays to give them a 1 point advantage.

Utah Mamaci Elite 13, Houston Heat 5
Oregon Elite 9, Denver Summit Lax 8
The game came down to the wire but Oregon Elite held on to their one point lead. Despite Madeleine Steech's amazing performance at goalie, Oregon Elite walks away with the win.
Stars Blue 2017 9, Utah Mamaci Elite 6

This game proved to be a game of chess. Both teams made constant adjustments that neither could get a grip on but the Stars Blue '17 seemed to always be one step ahead.

Pool C Standings
4-0 Stars Blue 2017
2-1 Utah Mamaci Elite
1-2 Denver Summit
1-2 Oregon Elite
0-3 Houston Heat

Pool D Results
Midwestern Force 16, Boise River Lacrosse 3
True MN All-Stars 17, Utah Mamaci Gold 2
Midwestern Force 16, Utah Mamaci Gold 0
Boise River Lacrosse 11, True MN All-Stars 9
Without a doubt the most emotional game yet. Boise River Lacrosse plagued with injury and the True MN All-Stars barraged with penalties; with both teams crippled with their own matters, it was a fight to the finish.

Pool D Standings
3-0 Midwestern Force
2-1 Boise River
1-2 True MN All-Star Girls
0-3 Utah Mamaci Gold

Pool E Results
Team Colorado 14, 3d Select 6
Team Colorado displayed its athleticism and quickness to top 3d Select but not without 3d Select scoring six hard earned points.
Indy United 17, Aspen Girls 3

Pool E Standings
3-0 Team Colorado
2-1 Indy United
1-2 3d Select
0-3 Aspen Girls

Schedule for Tuesday 7/2
Super Master’s Division (40+)
Championship Bracket
Championship: 12:30pm – Ford West – C2C Magic Wands vs. Elder Statesmen
3rd Place: 10:30am – Ford West - Princeton BCLF vs. Yellow Dog
Consolation Bracket
Consolation Championship: 10:30am – Ford East – Moondoggies vs. Middlebury
Consolation: 8:30am – Ford East - Navy Old Goats vs. CoBiz
Consolation: 8:30am – Ford West - Arizona Wildfire vs. Team ARTA

Dr. Tom Watts Memorial U-19 High School Boy’s Showcase
Division 1 Bracket – Avon 1
Semifinal: 11:00am - Adrenaline Jr. Tropics vs. Laxachusetts
Semifinal: 1:00pm - Baltimore Crabs vs. FCA
5th Place Bracket: 9:00am - Team Colorado vs. Midwest Select
5th Place Bracket: 3:00pm - Minnesota Chill vs. Brady’s Bunch
Division 2 Bracket – Edwards
Semifinal: 11:00am – Black Hawks vs. Minnesota Frost
Semifinal: 1:00pm - FCA Colorado vs. Lawrenceville Big Red
5th Place Bracket: 9:00am – Orange vs. Altitude Sickness
5th Place Bracket: 3:00pm - Local Favorites vs. Nebraska Buddha’s Ballers

U-19 High School Girl’s Showcase
(All U-19 girl’s games are in Edwards)
Gold Bracket
Quarter Finals:
11:45am - Edwards 4 - Team HLA vs. Wolverines
10:30am - Edwards 2 - Puget Sound Select vs. Stars Blue 2017
10:30am - Edwards 3 - PA Express vs. Utah Mamaci Elite
10:30am - Edwards 4 - Team 180 vs. LaxNW Rippers
Championship Semifinals:
3:30pm - Edwards 3 - (Team HLA/Wolverines) Winner vs. (Puget Sound Select/Stars Blue 2017) Winner
2:15pm - Edwards 2 - (PA Express/Utah Mamaci) Winner vs. (Team 180/LaxNW Rippers) Winner
Consolation Semifinals:
2:15pm - Edwards 3 - (Team HLA/Wolverines) Loser vs. (Puget Sound Select/Stars Blue 2017) Loser
2:15pm - Edwards 4 - (PA Express/Utah Mamaci) Loser vs. (Team 180/LaxNW Rippers) Loser

Silver Bracket
Quarter Finals:
8:00am - Edwards 4 - Boise River vs. Utah Mamaci Black
9:15am - Edwards 2 - Oregon Elite vs. Team Colorado
9:15am - Edwards 3 - Midwestern Force vs. Denver Elite
9:15am - Edwards 4 - Indy United vs. MN Lakers Select 2017
Championship Semifinals:
3:30pm - Edwards 2 - (Boise River/Utah Mamaci Black) Winner vs. (Oregon Elite/Team Colorado) Winner
1:00pm - Edwards 2 - (Midwestern Force/Denver Elite) Winner vs. (Indy United/MN Lakers Select 2017) Winner
Consolation Semifinals:
1:00pm - Edwards 3 - (Boise River/Utah Mamaci Black) Loser vs. (Oregon Elite/Team Colorado) Loser
1:00pm - Edwards 4 - (Midwestern Force/Denver Elite) Loser vs. (Indy United/MN Lakers Select 2017) Loser

Bronze Pool
8:00am - Edwards 2 - Aspen Girls vs. True MN
8:00am - Edwards 3 - Utah Mamaci Gold vs. Houston
11:45am - Edwards 2 - Utah Mamaci Gold vs. 3d Select
11:45am - Edwards 3 - Aspen Girls vs. Houston
3:30pm - Edwards 4 - Houston vs. 3d Select
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