The Miezan Experiment

The Miezan Experiment

The former North Carolina lacrosse commit and Stanford linebacker takes the field for Virginia this weekend.

We have unlimited questions?

How will he be deployed?

How long do the coaches give him to get acclimated?

Are they trying to get one skill 1% better or four skills 0.25% better?

If you're spending extra time on his development, who isn't getting that attention?

What's his mindset?

He was a starter for Stanford. If he isn't getting that same treatment this spring, how long does he stay engaged?

What's the impact of being on a preseason #1 team after being a starter on a 3-9 team that lost their final four games by a combined score 156-67?

He won't be playing in front of a sold out crowd of 51,000 like when Utah hosted Stanford this past November, but the stakes are higher.

Will he be aggressive? Will he defer?

Trying to figure out how to use a former #1 lacrosse recruit who is returning to the game for the first time in years is a champagne problem. Don't feel bad for the UVA coaching staff.

Watching this clip over and over again has convinced us he's not a very confident passer. The mechanics look a little three quarters and he doesn't drive the ball but rather pushes it.

To be fair, this is one clip from two weeks ago. No idea what he looks like right now.

The flip side of this equation is that Michigan opens against Virginia.

How much time does their staff waste trying to prepare for him? Virginia scrimmages Navy (1/28) and Georgetown (2/4) ahead of their opener against the Wolverines in Charlottesville.

Surely by then, word would have gotten out as to how the Wahoos are deploying Miezan.

Perhaps, Miezan is so locked in they don't bother using as much in the scrimmage as they intend to during the season.

Perhaps, they don't care and they show their hand.

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