Some Advice on Prospect Days, Cut it Loose

Some Advice on Prospect Days, Cut it Loose

For the longest time, college soccer had ID camps.

It made a ton of sense for them. It was another revenue stream for their coaching staff and it provided an opportunity for them to evaluate who was really interested in attending their school and competing for their program.

Lacrosse decided to adopt this strategy for those same reasons.

It hasn't always been easy for prospective recruits to navigate the prospect day portion of the recruiting process.

On one hand, shame on coaches for sending plain text email campaigns that looked like they were written specifically for that recruit.

On the other hand, the parents have to be responsible at some point for the pulling the trigger on sending their child to any sort of recruiting camp. There are very few programs nationally that have multiple D1 recruits on the roster. If you're not the best player on your team, you're not a fit for ACC lacrosse.

At one point, I saw a few highlight tapes citing attending a D1 prospect day as a personal achievement.

Sure, there are late bloomers. Sure, if you have the financial means to go find out where you fit nationally instead of accepting obvious feedback, then go to a D1 prospect day.

I remember a parent being disappointed that his son hadn't been offered after attending a prospect day. The program had two more prospect days left that off season, which meant the coaches were likely waiting for better talent to evaluate.

Hopefully, parents don't feel pressured to attend the right prospect day.

D1 programs aren't the only schools offering prospect days.

Depending upon the format of the event, that price point is either appropriate or you might be getting a great deal.

This is Duke's format.

The Duke Lacrosse Summer Prospect Day will take place at Duke University on Monday, June 13th from 5 – 8pm AND Tuesday, June 14th from 8 – 11am. 

Please note this is a commuter camp only, no overnight accommodations will be provided by Duke Lacrosse. 

Campers will be assigned a team at check in on Monday. The first session on Monday will be a collegiate style practice run by a Division I coach. 

On Tuesday, each camper will participate in two 40-minute games. 

All campers will receive instruction from current Division I coaches throughout the day. Spots are limited by position.

The coaches would likely consider a perfect prospect day to be one packed with everyone on their board.

Even if a school is only offering one prospect day per off season, this may be difficult with scheduling conflicts. For example, Duke's seems to be extremely early. Some athletes may still be in school. Some athletes may be finishing up their high school season. Would it be wise to attend Duke's prospect day on short rest?

For a parent and athlete, the instructional period Monday might alone might be worth attending.

One D1 assistant coach gave players this advice. You aren't here to make friends. You are here to be recruited.

Don't be a ball watcher. Don't let the coaching staff confuse you wanting to get other people involved as lacking killer instinct. Offensive players need to dodge and shoot the ball. Defensive players need to be barking communications and being physical as if there was a scholarship at stake.

Cut it loose!

Who has had a great experience at a prospect day?

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