Revisiting Second Half Premier Lacrosse League Questions

Revisiting Second Half Premier Lacrosse League Questions

With one week left in the regular season, let's check in on some burning questions we asked a little more than a month ago.

Can Wisnauskas win the Tewaaraton and Rookie of the Year?

July 11: At this rate, if it isn’t Wisnauskas, it will be Nichtern.

August 16: The front runner is the Army product. Nichtern is leading the team in points with 15 goals and 20 assists, which is tied for second overall with 2021 rookie of the year Jeff Teat. Nichtern would be the league leader in dimes if Rob Pannell didn't lose his mind this weekend. Wisnauskas has 20 goals and 8 assists. He is tied for second in goals scored. Even if he doesn't generate more points than his teammate, Wisnauskas could still very well claim the honor by continuing to be near the league leaders in goals scored and helping the Chrome to advance to at least the semifinals.

Do the Chaos make the playoffs?

July 11: Given their possum tactics in Utah, it feels difficult to not believe in this group to at least win a few more games to get themselves into the playoff mix but they won’t have any gas to defend their title.

August 16: The Scorpions have only won one game game since July 11 but are holding onto the last playoff position thanks to an extended Cannons losing streak. The league has to be praying the Cannons win the first game on Sunday against the Whipsnakes setting up a must win scenario for the Chaos. Guess what, we are too.

Will there be a coaching change?

July 11: The league turned over two head coaches after the first season but the head ball coaches have remained in place ever since. Remember, the players will be the one's to drive this decision since the teams are all owned by the league.

August 16: This remains to be seen. The league isn't in a spot yet to fire coaches mid season. As we said last month, if you fire someone, who is going to be available as the replacement? Do you stay in house and elevate an assistant? Do you bring in a former MLL coach? As a former coach who has never been fired but knows the agony of not being hired for a job you want, here's hoping everyone gets another chance in 2023.

Will there be an injury that derails a team's season?

July 11: Grant Ament has played yet. Lyle was a late scratch at the World Games. What sort of impact will an extended NLL season and the World Games have on PLL rosters?

August 16: Ament is working his way back into form. Lyle is leading the league in points. The Waterdogs (Ryan Brown, Mikie Schlosser) and Redwoods (Jules Heningburg) have been hit by the injury bug. Schlosser and Heningburg have since returned to the lineup. Given the output from the Chaos the last two weeks, it is fair to wonder if their top end offensive talent is fading. Hopefully, everyone can remain healthy for a few more weeks.

Will there be a new champion?

July 11: Considering the Chaos are currently not even playoff eligible, the chances are good. A better question might be, are fans rooting for a bookend to the Whipsnakes’ dynasty or is there Whipsnakes fatigue?

August 16: Whether they actually make the playoffs or fumble their bid away this weekend, the Chaos won't be defending their title. Whipsnakes fatigue creeped into our Twitter timeline this weekend. All signs point to the Whips winning their third trophy.

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