Premier Lacrosse League Second Half Questions

Premier Lacrosse League Second Half Questions

Things we're wondering about prior the return of the PLL regular season.

Can Wisnauskas win the Tewaaraton and Rookie of the Year?

It is lining up that way. The number one overall draft pick is leading the Chrome in points with 18 on 14 goals and 4 assists, which one point ahead of fellow rookie Brendan Nichtern. The former terp is tied for third overall with Lyle Thompson. Chris Gray and Matt Moore have both been having excellent rookie campaigns but neither has been tasked with leading their group out of the gutter and both have proven world class teammates. We are just beginning to remember Dylan Molloy's talent. At this rate, if it isn't Wisnauskas, it will be Nichtern.

Do the Chaos make the playoffs?

At 1-4, it seems like they have a tall task ahead of them. The win last week against the lowly Cannons coupled with the Redwoods loss to the Archers keeps them in the hunt as there are three teams with 1-4 records. Do you expect them to beat the Whipsnakes on July 23rd? They can't win faceoffs and this has been Blaze's worst season in the PLL. Given their possum tactics in Utah, it feels difficult to not believe in this group to at least win a few more games to get themselves into the playoff mix but they won't have any gas to defend their title.

Will there be a coaching change?

The league turned over two head coaches after the first season but the head ball coaches have remained in place ever since. Remember, the players will be the one's to drive this decision since the teams are all owned by the league. That would be an inner circle consisting of veterans and stars would have to be aligned and then speak to the league. While it may be easy to say, we want to go in a different direction, who is going to be available as the replacement? The first wave of coaches were all former college coaches. Coach Tillman isn't giving up his recruiting availability or summer free time to also coach in the PLL.

Will there be an injury that derails a team's season?

Grant Ament has played yet. Lyle was a late scratch at the World Games. What sort of impact will an extended NLL season and the World Games have on PLL rosters? We as fans are desperate to watch the stars play in every minute of every event but athletes get tired. When they get tired, mental mistakes happen. Let's hope fatigue only leads to turnovers and not missed time.

Will there be a new champion?

Considering the Chaos are currently not even playoff eligible, the chances are good. A better question might be, are fans rooting for a bookend to the Whipsnakes' dynasty or is there Whipsnakes fatigue? The Chrome seem to be where the Atlas where last season. Their group hasn't experienced success and playoff let down yet. Pencil them in for next season to at least make the semifinals. We'll count on an Atlas Whipsnakes final and an Atlas victory. Baptise and Nardella will cancel each other out but the Atlas have more the more explosive offense.

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