Premier Lacrosse Free Agency Notes

Premier Lacrosse Free Agency Notes

It has been all quiet on the PLL hot stove for now but any moment that could change.

A few things to consider after a brief look at the top 15 free agents in no particular order.

  1. Dillon Ward - Waterdogs
  2. Kieran McArdle - Waterdogs
  3. Jarrod Neumann - Chaos
  4. Mac O'Keefe - Chaos
  5. Challen Rogers - Chaos
  6. Jay Carlson - Whipsnakes
  7. Justin Guterding - Whipsnakes
  8. Eddy Glazener - Redwoods
  9. Myles Jones - Redwoods
  10. Connor Farrell - Chrome
  11. Eli Salama - Chrome
  12. Daniel Bucaro - Atlas
  13. Cade van Raaphorst - Atlas
  14. Jared Conners - Archers
  15. Connor Fields - Archers

The New Atlas Boss

When Ben Rubeor abruptly retired, offensive coordinator Steve Brooks was elevated to interim head coach. Will the league retain him as head coach? Will the players get a voice in the room?

Based on our interview Waterdogs assistant coach Chris Ryan, we know some coaches can be brought onto the staff as late as mid spring.

If the Atlas are making dramatic changes to their roster, would that imply that Brooks is getting the job? It would be foolish to let one man make decisions and then ask another man to lead that roster.

The Money Matters

Since the inception of the PLL, the professionalism surrounding outdoor lacrosse has been amplified each season. We still aren't in a place where the athletes can just play PLL and make a living completely off of outdoor lacrosse. However, in any professional setting, employees are going to want to be paid their worth. Athletes who feel like they were unpaid relative to their peers will be tempted to explore new opportunities where they are compensated.

Coaches are going to expect their key free agent signings to contribute. They're also going to feel like they need to keep going to that free agent if they are now the highest paid at that position, regardless of effectiveness. See how hard it was for the Lakers to move Westbrook to a more limited role?

Here's hoping the contract information is released beyond just the term length. That will prove to be an unlimited content source.

Ring Chasing and/or Veteran Discount

A veteran who has made lacrosse a full time career will be more likely to take a pay cut to stay in the league. In the world of club teams, camps, clinics, and lessons, tacking on another year of professional lacrosse to your resume is a shiny bullet point on your resume.

Location Definitely Doesn't Matter

Due to the PLL's tour based model, we aren't in the small market versus big market environment that plagues the other professional leagues. Five time all star Myles Jones isn't going to leave the Redwoods for a team closer to his hometown of Destin, Florida where he is now a real estate agent. He has to get on a plane no matter what.

Dillon Ward isn't going to leave the Waterdogs because the Cannons are based in Los Angeles or New York City and he wants to expand his sponsorships, movie deals, and investment opportunities. Lebron leaving Cleveland for Los Angeles make sense. We aren't there yet with the PLL.

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