PLL Week 7 Fairfield Primer

PLL Week 7 Fairfield Primer

The Premier Lacrosse League arrives in Fairfield, Connecticut this weekend.

In our most recent PLL Narrative episode, we interviewed Jarrod Neumann who discussed taking a different approach to recuperating during the break. How will that strategy impact him during the home stretch?

How will the Birmingham trip impact players coming back to the PLL?

Have you reviewed our second half questions?

Redwoods vs. Atlas

Writing this ahead of the injury report so all bets are off if Baptiste isn't participating. How does Jack Kelly feel coming back from Birmingham? He was in a fish fry against Canada but otherwise getting all those reps has to be a boost after watching the majority of the first half. The Redwoods offense on paper with Pannell, Jones, Perkovic, and Heningburg should be scoring a lot more goals than they have this summer. Are we getting a break through or do the parts not fit correctly? Even with Ierlan winning 62% against the Archers, they only managed nine goals. A high scoring loss would be soul crushing for the Woods. Costabile getting that power bouncer two bomb in the all star game could be a harbinger of doom for the entire PLL. Could that get him going for the Atlas?

Pick: Atlas

Whipsnakes vs. Chaos

The game of the weekend will surely be promoted as another rematch of last year's title game but the two have already locked up to open this season, a Whips win, and by now the Chaos have to be focused on 2022 before the season slips away entirely. Coach Towers said they were at lock to make the playoffs during an in game interview in Foxboro. A win on Saturday night will vault them into the thick of things while a loss puts tremendous strain on their chances to repeat.

The Whips struggle to punch in more than 11 goals per game finally came back to haunt them in Minneapolis. The Chaos offense is not the same group they defeated 9-8 back in the season opener but the Chaos still don't have an answer for Joe Nardella and two of the Chaos stars were busy competing in Birmingham Alabama this past week.

Pick: Whipsnakes

Cannons vs. Archers

Again, this post was crafted prior to the injury report coming out, but even if Ament was out again and Lyle recovered from whatever was plaguing him in Birmingham, you'd have to pick the Archers. Tom Schreiber and Zach Goodrich played hard minutes in Alabama. Goodrich didn't participate in Foxboro but Schreiber competed. Let's say those two midfield weapons are less than 100%. The Archers are still trotting out Manny, Holman, and Moore. Too many proven weapons for the Archers. Cannons are a year away from improving.

Pick: Archers

Chrome vs. Waterdogs

The Chrome attack versus Dillon Ward would be the highlight of the weekend had the Chaos and Whipsnakes not been paired. You should also be excited for JT Giles Harris covering Michael Sowers. The Chrome acquitted themselves well in a loss to the Atlas but a loss is a loss. What's the response? every game moving forward is a new experience for this group. If they're for real, they win this game. The Waterdogs a more veteran bunch with the more proven goalie who did not participate in the July 17th loss. Is Ward going to be healthy enough to go after the break? Toughest call of the weekend. Riding the Milkman and the rookie attackmen.

Pick: Chrome

Week 1 Picks

Winners: Atlas, Whipsnakes, Chrome

Loser: Waterdogs

Week 2 Picks

Winners: Atlas, Whipsnakes

Losers: Redwoods, Chaos

Week 3 Picks

Winners: Chrome, Archers, Redwoods

Losers: Atlas

Week 4 Picks

Winners: Whipsnakes, Chrome, Atlas

Losers: Chaos

Week 5 Picks

Winners: Archers, Atlas, Chaos

Losers: Whipsnakes

Record: 14-6

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