PLL Week 5 Minneapolis Primer

PLL Week 5 Minneapolis Primer

We labeled last week, Arrival Week, but the Chaos offense couldn't score and Dillon Ward didn't even play.

Things are so topsy turvy right now that the Chrome have the bye and the Chaos wouldn't be invited to the postseason if the playoffs started this weekend.

With two teams at 4-0 and three teams at 1-3, there could be some significant jumps after Minnesota.

Archers vs. Redwoods

Everyone new the Chaos would get off to a bad start due to personnel availability but the Redwoods don't have any excuses. Tim Troutner checking in with a 36% save percentage. TD Ierlan is mired in the biggest slump of his career. The Redwoods are tied for the fewest goals in the league with the aforementioned Chaos who stared the season with a player pool offense. The Archers have scored 20 and 17 goals against weak defense without Grant Ament. He's not playing in Minnesota this weekend either but Tom Schreiber, Will Manny, Matt Moore, Marcus Holman, Ryan Ambler will suit up. Unless Ierlan gets back to 60% plus, the Archers cruise.

Pick: Archers

Atlas vs. Chrome

The Chrome are playing the role of the 2021 Atlas. Typically when a team is good for the first time, they have to experience the agony of defeat before taking the next step. The Chrome have yet to experience a loss in 2022 but will be without head coach Tim Soudan this weekend due to illness. What happens when the Chrome face adversity in the form of Trevor Baptiste, Jeff Teat, Chris Gray, Bryan Costabile, and Danny Logan? The Chrome aren't going to pick themselves up as easily at halftime as they were against the Cannons. Truthfully it wasn't until the fourth quarter that they got rolling. You're not playing three bad quarters and beating the Bulls.

Pick: Atlas

Chaos vs. Cannons

The best remedy for a struggling offense is facing a team that has allowed the most goals in the league. Do you anticipate the Chaos reinforcements will be better acclimated to play field lacrosse this weekend or will their NLL title game hangover continue? The Chaos defense has been equally disappointing this season perhaps feeling the pressure having to be perfect playing behind a weak offense. Riorden has logged career lows, but fortunately for the Chaos, the Cannons' offense has been almost as inept. If this isn't the week the Chaos get their first win you can nuke their 2022 season. No team needs the first round bye quite like the Scorpions and they lost that opportunity after the second week.

Pick: Chaos

Whipsnakes vs. Waterdogs

The Whipsnakes offense hasn't set the world on fire yet either. However, they have the luxury of Kyle Bernlohr and Joe Nardella to extend their runs and stop the opposition from spurting. Dillon Ward has to be in net for the Waterdogs after not manning the cage last week. He'll need to replicate his NLL final series performance for the Waterdogs to stay close. This is of course assuming their offense can be very efficient as Nardella will reduce their possessions. What match up do you see the Waterdogs winning on defense?

Pick: Whipsnakes

Week 1 Picks

Winners: Atlas, Whipsnakes, Chrome

Loser: Waterdogs

Week 2 Picks

Winners: Atlas, Whipsnakes

Losers: Redwoods, Chaos

Week 3 Picks

Winners: Chrome, Archers, Redwoods

Losers: Atlas

Winners 4 Picks

Winners: Whipsnakes, Chrome, Atlas

Losers: Chaos

Record: 11-5

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