PLL Week 4 Baltimore Primer

PLL Week 4 Baltimore Primer

Should we call this Arrival Week?

The NLL is finally over. We went so far is to wonder if the coaching staffs would opt to rest players for at least a week but all the photos that surfaced from last night's practice indicate members of the Mammoth and Bandits will be playing tonight.

As we suggested earlier this season, the rosters are determined prior to practice. Since then, the PLL has released gameday rosters much closer to gameday. Like, the day of.

Once again, we are begging the PLL to put a camera in front of the coaches so they can walk us through through their gameday roster selections.

Don't you want to know why Jake Carraway is in but Dan Bucaro is out?

Chaos left Tehoka out? Fine. But, Ryan Smyth too?

Of all the weeks, this is the week most begging for that obvious content.

Week 4 Picks

Whipsnakes vs. Redwoods

The PLL is trying to amp this game up as a big deal. The Redwoods have been on downward path since that overtime loss in the first ever title game. They aren't playing a team as nearly offensively inept as last week's replacement Chaos roster. If Ierlan has another solid outing this one can stay close, but where do you see the Redwoods having a personnel advantage over the Snakes? Pick: Whipsnakes

Waterdogs vs. Chaos

The Chaos get to participate in back to back Toilet Bowls but this time and for the first time they'll be at full strength roster wise. Nevermind, Cloutier is out. We spent months wondering what the NLL impact will be on the PLL. The Chaos are 0-3. The Waterdogs are 0-3. Both have reinforcements arriving from the indoor circuit. Let's hope no one else gets banged up. If you're a Chaos fan you don't want this game to be a rock fight. You need an easy win against a very injured Waterdogs team. Pick: Chaos

Cannons vs. Chrome

Lyle is playing but how healthy is he this weekend? Lyle's partner in crime, Shayne Jackson, is out. Stephen Rehfuss has four points. Is he no longer looking like the steal of the 2021 draft? The Duke defensive duo of grizzled veteran Michael Manley and rookie* JT Giles Harris is waiting. We're feeling good about the recently engaged Dylan Molloy continuing his MVP campaign. Rookie gems Brendan Nichtern and Logan Wisnauskas are unleashing on weak competition. Out of nowhere, the Chrome have stars all over the field. Pick: Chrome

Atlas vs. Archers

The Archers offense met expectations last week against a hobbled Cannons group. You've got a lot more questions than answers if you're the Atlas and you lose two in a row. Carraway is in. Bucaro is out. Dennis somehow still in. Dox is back! No chance the Atlas fail to score less than 12 goals against this defensive group. Teat and Baptiste get back into the MVP discussion after Saturday night. Pick: Atlas

Week 1 Picks

Winners: Atlas, Whipsnakes, Chrome

Loser: Waterdogs

Week 2 Picks

Winners: Atlas, Whipsnakes

Losers: Redwoods, Chaos

Week 3 Picks

Winners: Chrome, Archers, Redwoods

Losers: Atlas

Record: 8-4

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