PLL Week 3 Long Island Primer

PLL Week 3 Long Island Primer

Good news Chaos fans, this is the last week of the NLL season. (Great news really for all PLL fans. Even if you are the most anti Chaos fan on the planet, you miss watching Byrne and friends play outside. Don't forget Zed and Dillon Ward are on the way as well.)

Bad news, you're fielding your third different roster this weekend.

Good news, you should be favored against the winless Redwoods. Draftkings somehow has the Redwoods -140.

Bad news, the PLL flexed your game off of ABC because you're also winless and your offensive stars playing in Buffalo.

A sweet and sour feeling heading into their date with the winless Redwoods.

Let's head to the Island.

Week 3 Picks

Waterdogs vs. Chrome

The Waterdogs seem incredibly vulnerable sans Dillon Ward. As mentioned above, he arrives next weekend but for now Matt DeLuca will have to figure out how to slow down Dylan Molloy, Logan Wisnauskas, and Brandon Nichtern. JT Giles Harris likely gets the Sowers match up. Jack Hannah needs to to return to the best collegiate middie in the country buzz quickly. He may have settled in after last week's performance. If the Chrome have really engaged the ChromeBack, they win this game. Pick: Chrome

Atlas vs. Whipsnakes

A battle of two very different 2-0 teams. After winning the first two league titles and appearing in last year's title game, the Whipsnakes have a very Golden State Warriors or Lebron James vibe. We'll be ready to win when we really have to. They had no business trailing the replacement squad Chaos and needed a desperate comeback against the Waterdogs last week. Their roster is so talented and their competition was so bad they snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. The Atlas have the best roster in the league. They also have never been league favorites. The Whips won't be willing to match the Atlas hunger for a regular season statement win. Pick: Atlas

Archers vs. Cannons

Is Lyle playing? The PLL gameday preview would suggest Lyle is suiting up. Is Ament playing? How much have the Archers missed Connor Fields? We'll find out when the non Chaos member of the Bandits returns. The Archers really need Ament and Fields back in a hurry so Schreiber isn't carrying too much of the load early in the regular season fresh off of an NLL playoff run. Still, the Archers have more cohesion offensively even if Lyle returns. Pick: Archers

Chaos vs. Redwoods

The Chaos might be disappointed they are 0-2 but they can't be surprised. The Redwoods are in complete freefall. TD Ierlan has been a shell of himself. As a result, the offense has 14 goals through two games and the defense can't stop runs. Can a disorganized offense score on limited possessions against the Chaos defense? Nothing feels right about the Redwoods beating the Chaos so we'll go with the, "nobody knows anything" gambling mantra and pick the Woods. Even though we hate it. Pick: Redwoods

Week 1 Picks

Winners: Atlas, Whipsnakes, Chrome

Loser: Waterdogs

Week 2 Picks

Winners: Atlas, Whipsnakes

Losers: Redwoods, Chaos

Record: 5-3

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