PLL Week 2 Charlotte Primer Part 2

PLL Week 2 Charlotte Primer Part 2

Yesterday morning, Twitter was a blaze with rumblings of a wild roster move on the horizon to replace the Canadians unable to travel this weekend.

Could Mark Matthews being coming on board?

Could it be Curtis Dickson?

The Chaos reloaded with an NLL star we weren't expecting.

Austin Staats joined the roster after being put on a year long suspension. While he didn't compete with the Chaos last summer, he did play with current Chaos member Mac O'Keefe with the San Diego Seals. Staats put up 37 goals and 42 assists in 15 games for the Seals.

Is it too early to imagine Staats locking in a long term roster spot?

Who would get bumped from the game day roster when the Bandits return? The Chaos dressed five poles and one faceoff man against the Whips. An offensive or defensive minded short stick would have to go.

We've gotten so much mileage out of Chaos roster management situation and we're only one game into the season.

One more thought on Staats. Did the Chaos maintain his rights while he was out of the league? Or, was he a free agent? If so, did any other team consider signing him?

Week 1 Picks

Winners: Atlas, Whipsnakes, Chrome

Loser: Waterdogs

Week 2 Picks

Chrome vs. Redwoods

TD Ierlan bounces back in a big way with 60% outing against Farrell to give the Woods offense extra possessions to work through their injury issues. The trade for Pannell is looking worse and worse. They already had a quarterback in Heningburg. Instead of upgrading pieces around their existing core the Pannell move put Heningburg on a carousel. The secondary core, Garnsey and Kavanagh, won't shoot 1 for 9 again. A face off advantage also protects their suddenly bad defense from Dylan Molloy. Pick: Redwoods

Chaos vs. Archers

When your blood is in the water you don't want to be playing the Chaos. Especially, this suddenly revamped Chaos roster that just added Wes Berg and Austin Staats to the offense. The Archers are a finesse team without their 1B creator and are once again dressing only two natural defensemen. The Chaos want to smash you in the face with a shovel. Their motion offense will have a field day with which ever third LSM has to fight through picks, slips, and screens for four quarters. Pick: Chaos

Atlas vs. Cannons

The Cannons were a fun story against the Waterdogs who looked completely out of sorts without goalie Dillon Ward. Unlike the Dogs, the Atlas are so fully loaded they aren't dressing 26 point scorer Jake Carraway. You're going to need a heroic performance from the goalie, face off unit, and each secondary scorer to beat the Atlas. Which one of those areas do the Cannons have an advantage? Pick: Atlas

Whipsnakes vs. Waterdogs

The Waterdogs are going against a lot better team this weekend after being mangled by the Cannons. If either Jake Withers (48% face off percentage) or Matt DeLuca (38% save percentage) replicate their first game performances, the Whips will cruise. Sowers can't get going against an elite defense if he never has the ball. Pick: Whipsnakes

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