PLL Training Camp Notes

PLL Training Camp Notes

Questions, reactions, and thoughts from Albany.

The Curious Chaos Roster

As a result of the NLL playoffs extending for at least another two weeks, the Chaos roster looks like the island of misfit toys.

Can you imagine being one of the player pool pick ups that's having a good training camp and then you're involved in some weird play that gets a significant player hurt during a practice drill?

The coaches are in a unique position. They have to evaluate who gives them the best chance to win at least two weekends while the Bandits are out. And then they have to figure out, who gives them the best chance to win, when the Bandits return. The player that gives them the most punch in week one and week two might not be a great fit for when the roster is reloaded.

Who Scares You?

In the PLL, many attackmen get moved into the midfield. Let's say someone like a Justin Guterding or Brad Smith resumes that role again this summer.

Who is joining them on the first line?

If you pole one of those attackmen, who do you trust to run by a seasoned PLL DM and score on the run or draw a slide?

How underwhelmed are you by the Whips offensive midfield?

The Whips have been to every PLL title game. They seem to know what they're doing. But looking at that roster announcement quickly was eye opening. To paraphrase Herb Brooks, perhaps the Snakes aren't looking for the best players. Perhaps, they are just looking for the right ones.

Are They Cramming Too Much into a Small Amount of Time?

This morning, Ty Xanders reported that Grant Ament was hurt and would sit today.

If someone who is only a third year pro and doesn't play NLL, what are the chances more injuries are on the way?

Ament missing extended time would be a disaster for the Archers, folks who put a futures bet on the Archers, and the league as a whole. Unlike some of the players the social team has decided to feature this weekend, Ament is an absolute on field content machine.

How Much Do These Dudes Love Lacrosse?

Not only do they travel all summer, but they are giving up a holiday weekend to be in Albany, New York.

What sort of conversations have some these folks had with their regular jobs? Hey, I need to leave work early everyday Friday for the next three months and I might be late getting back to town on Mondays?

Even in our new remote economy, these middle of the road guys who have an office job are missing a big chunk of work or have to use other free time to make it up.

They are giving up a lot. There is a lot of risk here. At least, they have a lot more support and attention from the league than the previous operation.

So No Scrimmages?

The NFL broadcasts very uninteresting exhibition games.

While the viewership for a PLL scrimmage would be dramatically less, was there any discussion of having the scrimmages shown on ESPN+ or even Twitter?

Unlike an NFL preseason game, PLL scrimmages would feature stars having to play significant meaningful minutes due to the small roster sizes.

The PLL Narrative

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