PLL Title Game Considerations

PLL Title Game Considerations

It feels like only yesterday we were down at the Jersey Shore watching the Whipsnakes capture victory from the jaws of defeat in overtime in the first ever PLL championship game.

Did you sense that kind of drama in year one for a start up league was a harbinger of doom for the MLL?

Since then, only the Chaos and more recently the Waterdogs last year have also won titles.

Depending upon who you are, you've either been frustrated by the Whipsnakes dominant run or annoyed the Chaos kept sneaking into the final contest after dreadful regular seasons.

This year, we don't really have a team to root against. The bubble popped on both the Whips and Chaos. They were easily dispatched in the quarterfinals. There really isn't a villain on either roster. No one in the country is waiting around for one of these coach's to fall off a Boulder like pedestal.

What do we do know?

Maybe, we just enjoy the game without wasting negative energy cheering against a less than savory character or outfit.

Can you think of a Waterdog or Archer you don't like?

Likeable dudes.

A repeat storyline.

A first time champ storyline.

If you were among the many, many Chaos haters, and rightfully so, you'll be thrilled that the top two regular season teams will get to decide the championship.

Sorry Cannons fans. Your schedule was inflated by seeing the Chrome and Atlas a combined five times. Paper Tigers.

The weather won't be the sunny autumn day the league had back in 2019, but the excitement for the present and future will be shining brightly.

Pretty cool time for lacrosse. Enjoy it.

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