PLL Retro Logo Power Rankings

PLL Retro Logo Power Rankings

The league surprised us with porthole mesh uniforms prior to this weekend.

Then, they doubled down with retro promotional graphics and retro logos.

Here is our list from best to worst.

  1. Whipsnakes - The best team in the league also owns the best retro logo. Maybe we like this more than the others because it more closely resembles an EPL team crest.
  2. Chrome - A completely different style than the Whips. The Chrome logo looks straight out of the arcade scene in Terminator.
  3. Redwoods - This logo, like their uniforms, seemed to be heavily influenced by the Green Bay Packers. Unlike the Atlas logo, this influence is in color scheme only. They didn't completely repurpose an NFL team's art. If you removed the Redwoods text, you would still know this is the Redwoods logo.
  4. Archers - Couldn't decide if this reminded us more of an orange or basketball but it definitely had Stranger Things retro vibe to it.
  5. Chaos - Does this one look more like a modern alternate logo rather than a retro logo? Don't try distract us with the manufactured old timey blemishes.
  6. Cannons - Absolutely screams New England Patriots or New England Revolution. Perhaps more red would have been beneficial.
  7. Waterdogs - Graphic designers probably have a better way of phrasing this but the Waterdogs also embraced the "W" layered on top of a team mascot. Feels like the dog could have been a little sharper.
  8. Atlas - Only horses wear horseshoes. Kind of surprising the Atlas went with a Colts redesign, didn't have a color background and chose not to include any lacrosse club branding. Like their uniforms, the logo is very plain to the point of being unfinished.

The uniforms, which we'll discuss later this week, sold out on the league website. Hopefully, they also listen to our request for performance apparel with the retro logos.

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