PLL Award Finalists

PLL Award Finalists

The PLL continued to smartly churn out content during the bye week by releasing the end of season award finalists.

Some obvious choices. Some hard choices.

Who will collect the individual hardware at the end of September? We put our vote in for Kyle Bernlohr for league MVP last week. Let's look at the remaining positional awards.


There is a bigger argument for McArdle here if he got off to a faster starter but the easy choice is Lyle. He led the league in points while being insanely efficient.

Cannons - Lyle Thompson


In Fate of a Sport, Paul Carcaterra discusses how impressed he is by Paul Rabil's points record as a midfielder. We can imagine he is then impressed by Tom Schreiber who is 6th overall in points. The next closest middie is Connor Kelly at 14th. Zach Currier is a tremendous lacrosse player but we're picking the athlete who draws the long pole and still puts up unlimited points every time.

Archers - Tom Schreiber

Short Stick Defensive Midfeilder

If we know defensive middies that probably means, they've been taken to the rack repeatedly for the first twenty four minutes of the game. In the PLL, we know a few middies names for better reasons. Ty Warner's return to the roster has pushed the Whips defense back into the top overall unit. Ryan Terefenko might be the fastest player in the league. Waterdogs head coach Andy Copeland was overheard in a timeout saying don't dodge against Danny Logan. That's absurd and all we needed to hear.

Atlas - Danny Logan

Long Stick Midfielder

Maybe he won't win next year, but there isn't much question who will win it in 2022. Erhardt has 10 caused turnovers. The other two nominees have 8 combined. Having 8 points is a nice feather in Erhardt's cap as well, but we want our LSM to be a disruptive force on the defensive end first. He has done that every season for the Whips.

Whipsnakes - Michael Ehrhardt


Giles-Harris might get knocked for being a part of a two headed monster with Michael Manley as the Chrome are allowed to deploy essentially two number one cover guys. Manley was a member of the squad last year while Giles-Harris could not play due to injury. The Chrome, certainly with the addition of the rookie attackmen, are a different group this summer. Giles-Harris seems to be quicker than the majority of the attackmen he's covering. We'll give him the slight edge over Dunn.

Chrome - JT Giles-Harris


If Bernlohr is our MVP, we'd be silly not to pick him as goalie of the year as well.

Whipsnakes - Kyle Bernlohr

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