Playoff Seedings After Week 9

Playoff Seedings After Week 9

Some movement this week after the Atlas snatched defeat from the jaws victory. The top and bottom remain the same.

The updated playoff seedings are as follows.

First Round Bye: Whipsnakes

Eliminated: Cannons

#2 Atlas vs. #7 Chaos

#3 Chrome vs. #6 Redwoods

#4 Waterdogs vs. #5 Archers

Despite frustrating losses yesterday, both the Atlas and Chaos retained their positions in the standings. The Chaos appeared ready to string back to back offensive firework displays in a row after jumping out to a 3-1 lead in short order but that was all they could muster. In the decisive fourth quarter, the Chaos were blanked. Unlike the Chrome, the Chaos have no speed in the middle third of the field. The Atlas found a different way to buckle yesterday. Their advantage over the Chaos remains at the faceoff stripe. Baptiste would be enough to win the day between two sides flirting with failure.

This would be the most fascinating match up of the projected schedule. The Chrome pushed the Woods off the field way back on June 10th and haven't played since. JT Giles Garris looks like he can erase any attackman he wants in assuming a pick doesn't arrive. The Woods have TD Ierlan but maybe he hasn't been the weapon we were promised.

Further, the Woods offensive stars have never shown up for the same game. Conversely, the Chrome starting attack collected twelve points in their win yesterday over the Chaos. The Chrome may need another year of seasoning to be a title game threat but they have enough to beat the Redwoods in the first round.

The Waterdogs have now won five games in a row. Four in a row by one goal. The Archers have lost two in a row. Quite frankly they don't have a quality win on their schedule. Not much further analysis is needed here. You'd be hard pressed to bet against the Waterdogs especially after the Archers suddenly decided to use a different goalie with three games left in the regular season. No one has been able to stop Kieran McArdle's production surge. Having Michael Sowers as a linemate helps.

Would be very comfortable betting Atlas, Chrome, and Waterdogs. A Waterdogs Whipsnakes semifinal would be something to behold.

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