Playoff Seedings After Week 10

Playoff Seedings After Week 10

And then, there was one regular season week left.

Utah almost presented some major standings shake up but the Cannons couldn't pull off a victory against the Chrome and they remain eliminated from the post season. They are still in contention for the last spot but they need some help. The Chaos will have to lose again and the Whipsnakes, who secured the bye, will have to be very disinterested in competing in a meaningless game.

Will the Whipsnakes rest key players or will they go full tilt since they have an official week off on September 3rd?

The final week of the season would have been tremendously compelling if the Cannons had topped the Chrome yesterday. The Nooners, whatever that means, have lost four games by two or less goals.

Bye: Whipsnakes

Eliminated: Cannons

#2 Chrome vs. #7 Chaos

#3 Archers vs. #6 Redwoods

#4 Atlas vs. #5 Waterdogs

Chrome vs. Chaos

Up until this week we have largely gone with chalk in every match up. Nothing changes here. The Chrome have better face off play. They are much, much faster in the middle third of the field. Their defense has the pieces to not only slow down the Chaos but hold them scoreless for an entire quarter. Their rookie attackmen assaulted the Chaos defense in Denver. After two weeks of scoring less than ten goals, the Chaos offensive talent are showing signs of fatigue. They needed the bye more than the elder Whipsnakes, but that dream was dashed three weeks into the season.

Pick: Chrome

Archers vs. Redwoods

Going chalk ends here. As impressive as Tom Schreiber and Connor Fields were yesterday, the Archers won't get to 50% against TD Ierlan. The Archers offense tends to lean flashy instead of the phrase of the summer, hitting singles. (Love Michael Sowers but don't use the Whipsnakes' phrase.) Grant Ament keeps chucking low to high feeds with his feet still. Fields scored a BTB once. Another pass was a turnover. The Archers never live to fight another day. You can't take that approach against a dominant faceoff man and suddenly surging Redwoods group.

Pick: Redwoods

Atlas vs. Waterdogs

The Waterdogs winning streak may have ended thanks to out of body experience from Rob Pannell, but we'll take the team who has won five of their last six over a team that has lost three of their last four including, two in a row, including an absolute beatdown in their last game. One of those two losses were also to the Waterdogs. Even when the Atlas got a sensational performance from Trevor Baptiste against John Nardella they still lost by eight. They have allowed sixteen goals three times in their last four games. The Bulls are wilting. Sell your stock.

Pick: Waterdogs

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